Leaving On A Plane

Spring fever is is happening over here. I am closing in on the last few days of school and everything is piling up. So, it couldn't have come at a better time that I am flying out of Kansas City tonight for one of my friends! Sara is getting married and she invited me to her bachelorette party in Vegas with her friends. Back when I committed to this in January I had no idea how perfect the timing would be for a quick break!

I got my spray tan this week, packed my bag last night and am heading out! It's just a quick Thursday night- Saturday night trip and on the plane I have to write an 8 page paper, but I am thrilled nonetheless! So as of tonight I will be leaving on a plane for Vegas. 
Spring dress with long cardigan

Spring dress with long cardigan

Naturally Curly Hair

Monogram Necklace

Dress: Urban Outfitters (old)
Shoes: H&M (Sold out)
Necklace: C/O Onecklace
Sweater: Banana Republic (sold out)

Oh and if you are keeping track, this is indeed my second trip to Vegas this year. And if you want to keep track even more, both times I have stayed at the same hotel. This time though I am definitely going to get to go to the spa. The last TWO times I have gone to the Venetian I haven't gone because I was too busy but this time I am making time. 

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Link up!

I don't understand how last week was dragging but this week I feel like I have blinked and two days have flown by. I haven't packed for my trip this weekend and have about a 10 hour day on campus but I am soooo close!! 

Anyway, this week's lady is Bogi! I found her blog last week through the link up and this woman is so wonderful! I've said it time and time again but the best part of blogging is definitely the wonderful women met and relationships I've made. You all are awesome! 

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Always Prepared

Sometimes you roll out of bed, realize you have five minutes to get dressed and look like a normal human so you blindly throw things on, pray they match, put on some deodorant and get your hair wet. By sometimes I mean yesterday. Oh, and fun fact, on days like this you need to definitely be awake when applying mascara. Why? Because when you are super groggy you do stupid things and one of those stupid things is only putting mascara on one eye and forgetting about the other. It wasn't until I got into work that I realized my brilliance. Thankfully I always have a tube of mascara on me (My dad always taught me to be prepared although it was never about mascara that he tried to get me to prepare for.) and I fixed the situation quickly.

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater and canvas sneakers

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater and canvas sneakers

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater and canvas sneakers

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater and canvas sneakers

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater and canvas sneakers

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater

Spring outfit with jeweled sweater and canvas sneakers

Sweater: Old Navy (similar) (similar)
Shorts: Gap (exact)
Shoes: C/O Aeropostale (exact)
Purse: Kate Spade (similar)

 Thanks daddy for always making me be prepared. I totally know you are so proud that I have an emergency tube of mascara on me but not an emergency blanket or water in my trunk.
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25 Days + A Giveaway

Dear Alissa, 
Two years ago you were struggling through your first year at KU. You were crying every single night, struggling to understand your classes and had the overwhelming feeling of drowning and not knowing how to get out of the rut. You were barely passing your classes and didn't understand how you weren't getting straight A's like you did at your junior college. You didn't think it could get better; you just wanted to close your eyes and somehow skip to the end. 

I'm here to tell you that two years later, you are at the end. You have 25 days left of your undergraduate career. Although these 25 days seem like a whole two years away and you have no idea how you are going to get everything done that needs to get done but you will. Look back to where you were two years ago and think about how much you have gone through to get you to this point. Looking back two years I realize that it has felt like a blink of an eye ago that I was sitting on the bed,rocking myself back and forth wondering how I would finish college. You did it by stopping crying, deciding what you wanted for yourself and going after it. 
Black and white polka dott outfit for spring

Black and white polka dott outfit for spring

Black and white polka dott outfit for spring

Black and white polka dott outfit for spring

Gold Monogram Necklace

Black and white polka dott outfit for spring

Blazer: H&M (sold out online) (similar) (similar)
Shirt: Old (similar) (similar)
Pants: Nordstrom (similar)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (sold out) 
Bag: XXI Forever (sold out)

This senior year has been a big old ball of emotions but more than anything it's been a reminder of how far I've come. I wish I could go back and tell my sobbing 21-year old self that not only will things get better but you will make amazing friends, have incredible opportunities, have a boss and coworkers who feel like family and the confidence to be who you are. 

25 days, 2 presentations, 1 10-page research paper, 1 test and 2 quizzes away from graduating and finishing this phase. This incredible phase of my life where I became who I wanted to me and am not ashamed. So enjoy these last 25 days, the little victories, the sleepless nights, everything. Think about how life has changed and realize that despite the grumbling, crying and tiredness, these next 25 days will be amazing. 

Linking up for Funday Monday also! 

So..speaking of 2 years ago, it's was 2 year ago that I started the blog. Last week's giveaway was a $75 Sephora gift card and this week it's an amazing pampering kit from Erin Condren. 

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Funny Story

I'm a little sleep deprived right now. Because of this I have funny stories to tell you. The other night I was studying late at night and needed a snack. I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and went back to studying. I ate the sandwich faster than I should have, licked the peanut butter off my hand because peanut butter should never be wasted, and fell asleep with a book on my head. Cool. Right? So I woke up at 6 am the next day and got dressed. I looked in the mirror as I was putting on my mascara and realized I had a huge, huge, huge red spot on my check. I immediately panicked because I realized at work we were taking photos and I really didn't like looking like a red crater hit my cheek. I put on zit cream, I stared at it, I put an ice cube on it hoping it would take it away. 

Spring Casual Outfit

Spring florals with with white sequin jacket

Spring florals with with white sequin jacke

Monogram Necklace

Spring florals with with white sequin jacke
Shoes: Target (exact)
Necklace: C/O One Necklace (exact)
Shirt: C/O Aeropostale (exact)
Sequin Jacket: White House Black Market (sold out)
Purse: Kate Spade

I then got to work all dejected and accepted that I was going to have a gigantic spot on my face in all of the photos. I went into the work bathroom and gave myself a pep talk, "You can face life like this Alissa. You really can. It'll be OK. You graduate in 30 something days and no one will ever remember you as the zit faced girl." I sighed. I can do this. I mentally put on my big girl pants and walked out the door. I scratched my face and accidentally scratched the massive cheek crater thing I had going on. 

I looked at my hand and realized it had something on it from my face. Great. I'm probably bleeding to death through this zit popping. I went back into the bathroom. GUESS WHAT GUYS? TURNS OUT IT WAS REALLY DRIED OUT STRAWBERRY JELLY AND NOT A ZIT CRATER. I washed my face, looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how on earth I am about to graduate from college if I can't figure out what is a zit and what is dried jelly.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share