10 Things Currently On My Mind

Sometimes I just have a lot of thoughts I want to get out that won’t really work as a blog post. They aren’t cohesive and some are just downright random and no one needs to read about it. My compromise to me needing to get out my crazy and sparing you from reading mindless drivel is writing this post. So, without furthermore, 10 things currently on my mind: 

1. I’ve worn a skirt three times this week. The great news is that wearing a skirt has gotten me called, “Miss Lady Ma’am” over three times by a delightful Sonic employee. The bad news is that the third time I wore it I forgot that spring = needing to shave more often and you need to really learn where your sweet-spot is for how long you can go without shaving. 

2. Is there anything worse than having an incredible hair day and not getting a photo of it? I mean, not even a bad selfie that you send to your friends that are under legal contract to never share awful photos of you. It’s like it didn’t even happen and I’m just bummed.

3. I still randomly think about the time a bird pooped on my head and truly feel victimized by that bird. I couldn’t enjoy my overpriced steak salad after that. I was sitting outside the other day and was craving a steak salad fiercely and wondered why I hadn’t had it in a while. I then realized it was because I think it reminds me of that incident. 

4. People who use headsets. Why? Not the little earpieces that make you look like you are talking to yourself. I mean the actual, wrap-around, headset. It’s 2015 people. If you need someone to hold a phone, hire an assistant or something. 

5. I refuse to watch the Parks and Recreation finale because I don’t want want to admit the finality of it. I’ve had a lot of things end in my life this past year and for one gosh darn second I really, really just want to avoid one of my favorite things being over. 

6. Bridesmaid dress shopping, when searching for one dress to look good across three massively different body types, is over-complicated. Seriously. It is amazing how different one dress looks on three bodies. 

 Sweater: Loft (on sale!)
Top: H&M (similar in short sleeves
Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
Boots: Same Edelman (exact and on sale!
Necklace: Bauble Bar (exact)

7. I can’t stop making “Your Mom” jokes despite the fact that I am 24 and not around anyone who makes these jokes. I should faze back in “That’s what she said!” for nostalgia. 

8. Why do people act like they are so above McDonald’s yet the drive-thru is constantly busy? So many people get grossed out by the idea that they would give money to such a place but the restaurant is making billions of dollars and I see you in that drive-thru line at 11:45 pm on a Friday night. 

9. People can really be the best. In the past week I have gotten so many kind emails from people asking for curly hair help. It’s something that I really want to work on this summer. Every single person who has emailed me has been so kind, taken a large chunk out of their day to talk to me and try and work on making their hair great. 

10. Why can’t I get my lips to look as good as Fran? I swear she should copyright that pose on Instagram. No one does it as good as her. Like, why even bother? I took 15 photos of my lips in her pose and I was annoyed with myself for even trying to think I could