104 degrees with the skin the color of a lobster

 (Shoes: TJ Maxx, Shorts: XXI Forever, Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (garage sale), Earrings: XXI Forever, I love them for the colors but I didn’t get a close up.)

As you all know, I am white. No, I am translucent. This past weekend I was swimming with one of my best friends for a couple of hours, I applied sunscreen twice and even used to waterproof/sweat-proof kind. My back and chest (hidden under this shirt) are burned so badly I can’t lie down or on anything. So sleeping has just been a freaking blast! Honestly if it weren’t for the heat that makes my hair ginormous or burn within a 5 minute period I’d love summer but since those two things happen, I hate it! 

Kansas summers are miserable. You sweat, you feel nasty and you cannot (and I repeat, CANNOT) feel hot or chic during this weather we are having. I however I going to battle through this and I will find a way to look/feel cute. How do you all dress when the weather is 100+ and what have you learned about dressing in the summer heat?