20 Free Resources for Creatives

I am always in search of the newest fonts, free stock images, tutorials on creating pretty things and all that stuff that bloggers totally eat up. I think that one of the most frustrating experiences is following a blogger that you really admire but never respond to your email when you are asking about their favorite sites, resources and even some freebies they like to use. 

Like, okay, I JUST WANNA MAKE PRETTY THINGS CAN’T YOU HELP A BLOGGER OUT? You get the idea and so I decided to take some things into my own hands and create my guide for some pretty awesome 20 free resources for creatives and bloggers and anyone who wants to make pretty things. 

Oh and behind you read this list, you know I’m obsessed with good images so that’s going to be an entire post because I know how frustrating finding free images is! 

20 FREE resources for creatives! If you want to gain access to free photos, editing apps and more, you need to check out this post!
Image via PinkPot

20 Free Resources for Creatives!


1. Creative Market – There’s a lot of resources that will leave you drooling and cost you a little bit, but they also have an excellent amount of free resources for creatives. Join their mailing list and you won’t regret it. 
2. Dafont- Well-known but totally worth checking out as I’ve made them a recent favorite for having amazing hand-written fonts. 
3. Font Squirrel – Free for commercial use! Need I say more? 


4. Pugly Pixel – for those of you who are visual learners (me!) this is a fantastic video channel that will teach you basics all the way to advance HTML like gradients on a rollover. 
5. Teni Panosian – Beauty Blogger who talks about how to start a blog + YouTube channel
6. Photoshop Tutorials – Exactly what it says and definitely will take you to the next level! 


7. PinkPot – this girl is on fireeee. She has amazing tips, freebies, photos, resources, everything you could want. I used one of her free stock photos for this post! 
8. Pixabay – it can be a little hard to find exactly what you want on here as you have to do a lot of digging and figuring out the right keywords for the photos you want, but this is a very powerful resource. 
9. Stocksnap – this is ridiculously awesome and you are going to want to download ALLLLL of the photos! 

Editor Tools

10. PicMonkey – Like Photoshop but not as intimidating and not nearly the price! 
11. Canva – Ridiculously simple graphic design program. They are sure to save you from having bad graphics ever again. Plus you can use it on an iPad! 
12.Pixlr –  It’s awesome. It takes a little more time to understand but you should definitely check it out if the other two aren’t your jam. Also available on your phone or tablet! 


13. Caitlin Bacher – She has a fantastic free e-course that is definitely worth giving your email address to. Her Facebook group is also great and has a ton of members. 
14. I Can Build A Blog– Pretty self-explanatory and definitely worth checking out when you are reevaluating your goals or wondering where to take your blog. 
15. White Oak Creative –  Learn about blogging through the eyes of a designer. 
16. With Grace and Gold – Encouragement + blogging and small business tips + a place I’ve totally fallen in love with and sometimes contribute to. 
17. The Blog Stylist – So many great articles and tips, even HTML shortcuts! 


18. Venus Trapped in Mars – Don’t even try and figure out what hashtags are currently going viral. You’ll go insane. This post will cut out all the work. 

19. Blog Brighter – Learn about building your Instagram aesthetic! 
20. Editing Instagram photos –  Get those dreamy images you’ve always wanted! 

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