My issues with growing basil

Approximately two months ago I was on the Target dollar aisle (it sucks you in before you know it because it is freaking only $1 for each thing!) and I saw a seed kit for strawberries and basil. Yes, I know that is something that a pregnant mother in her last trimester would think sounded good but they were my only options so I bought them. 

Then I turned the corner and WHADAYA KNOW? Target had these adorable pots that were just the perfect size for my newly acquired plants. I mean, who in their right mind is going to turn these down?I walked out of Target with not only what I went there to buy but also two pots and basil and strawberry planting kits. 

Fast forward to today, guess what? Apparently basil takes a freaking sh*t ton of sun. I have given up strawberries and that is a lost cause, they are not easy to freaking grow. I mean, my basil is definitely growing but it is slower than a snails pace and quite frankly I am a little over how long this is taking. 

I talk to my plants, I am obsessive with watering and rotating them like 5 times a day so it can have optimal sunlight. I am known as the crazy plant lady to Andrew. Yes, this is my life. 

So enter Nola. I'm not going to lie, she is also growing basil and I am super competitive about it. She doesn't know this but I'm sure by the end of this she will know that secretly I was (yes, I said WAS) competing with her. 

I went back to Wichita last weekend and Nola's basil look amazing, I had massive envy of her plants. They were luscious and green, smooth and glossy and on top of that, had sun. My apartment apparently is super shady and that prevents my basil from growing as fast. I was jealous of her basil. There it was, all big, pretty and taunting me. 

Come to find out........the woman bought her plants and didn't actually grow them from the seed like I did. I was beginning to get a complex about my ability to grow things up till this point. Phew.

So being the kind woman she is she went out (sent Steve to Home Depot to buy them) and bought me those basil plants I was so jealous of. We planted them and the next day I headed back to Lawrence. 

So there I was, I was bringing my basil up the stairs at the apartment complex and I lost my grip. Along with the sound of shattering tera cotta there was the sound of my heart breaking. After all my jealousy and work to get these new plants they were gone. Gone I tell you. 

It's been a week so I have slightly recovered but barely. I have gone back to being obsessed with my dinky little seedlings and will have to be content just knowing that they are alive and I haven't managed to kill them. 

And this was the story of my isses with basil.
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I really have nothing to say

.........who am I kidding? I ALWAYS have something to say. This weekend went by so fast, I had to come down to Wichita on Friday and just got back last night about 7pm. As always, trips down to Wichita are busy, stressful and full of me trying to please everyone. Which means that I do not enjoy my trips down to Wichita in the least. 

This weekend I spent half of of my time with my family and the other half with my other family, aka Foulstons. Other than Mia the dog eating half of my popcorn with out me knowing it while Steve, Nola and I all laid in their massive bed and watched movies that were horrible depressing. Steve and I ended it with Horrible Bosses and if you have seen it or previews you know that we were so desperate to be uplifted after watching a movie about the inquisition that we turned that one. 

*confession* I actually really do like horrible bosses. I just said all that before so that people would think I had better taste in movies. I however really have some guilty pleasures with movies that are crude, have guy humor and overall are just semi-stupid. 

Weather.com lied to me about what the weather was going to be like in Wichita. I brought all my cute shorts and preppy shirts to wear, thankfully I wore jeans down there because it was freaking freezing cold all weekend and I was not about to shave my legs every day after going out in the cold.

Rant: I realize there are a lot of questions I should ask God when I see him and probably this is the most ridiculous question ever, but I really want to ask him why women have hair on their legs! Yes, it is a horrible question, but I need an answer. Why do I have to spend time and money shaving my legs?! Why?! It serves no purpose and you can give me all of the evolutionary facts about why I have leg hair and I still will not be happy. Don't tell me to go to France, that answer still won't help me when I look down at my leg hair in France eating a croissant. I will be looking at how disgusting it is and wishing I shaved my legs that morning.

I have been looking for a watch for a couple of weeks. I really don't care for them but since the classroom I take Italian in doesn't have a clock and I have no idea what time it is during our 50 minute tests I decided I needed one. Mind you, Nola asked me like a year ago if I wanted a watch. I completely forgot about that till this weekend. She had this watch simply laying around and she didn't want it anymore since she decided she didn't like it. So with some link adjustments it is now my watch!

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My first real curly hair confession/rant

So here's the deal. I woke up Monday morning praying that I made it through the day without crying and without falling up the concrete stairs in front of 5,000 students.

I went to my email and received an email that I am pretty sure the entire apartment complex heard me yell about. This is what is said, "CONGRATULATIONS!" "You are now a subscriber of American Baby magazine where you will find many resources....." blah blah. What the frick?! I then immediately got on my phone and called Meredith Magazine company. By the time I waited on the phone to talk to someone I had rehearsed EXACTLY how I was going to give the sales rep a dressing down and a bit of advice of how marketing departments shouldn't send emails like this to young college girls who have just had their period and know there is NO way I am pregnant but it plants the seed of doubt in their mind.

Naturally my bite is worse than my bark and I put myself into the position of the poor soul who had to answer my call. I calmly explained my rage and said this "I do NOT want an American Baby, I never want to have American Baby and I despise American Baby."

At about this time Andrew had walked in and heard me gently, but firmly expressing my hate of American Baby. The man was convinced I wanted to kill actual American Baby. He was not aware of the situation and let's just say, the look on his face was of horror.

I hung up and went on my way.

That brings us to today. Thursday, April 19, 2012.

"CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY! We are confident that with our tools you will become a great parent ....." etc. OK THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!

Apparently when you subscribe to certain magazine they sell your information. I am aware of this but it wasn't an issue till now. SO BE WARNED! If you are in your 20's and subscribe to Real Simple, you will get massive amounts of emails about pregnancies and baby magazines.

There is no moral of the story here, I am just pissed and outraged. So there, I hope you join in my outrage.

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Remember that time...

On my walk home from campus

Remember that time you swore you wouldn't take control of the group project and now you are the person in charge and also presenting it because you couldn't handle trusting lazy students to get it done? How'd that work out for ya?

you said that you couldn't imagine being so behind on studying that you stay up all night and start drinking coffee?
Remember that time you stayed up all night twice in one week because you needed to study? Yeah.

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