Today I woke up at 10am. 10am! Do you know how incredible that was? If you have ever been in college you completely know how amazing that feeling is. Yesterday was KU's 140th commencement and it was a gorgeous day out for a graduation. My baby graduated and my best friends boyfriend did as well so we got to sit together and make completely inappropriate remarks during graduation. It made me so exited about my graduation which will be in 2013. It doesn't seem possible that I only have that little bit left! I feel like I just got here. I love Lawrence so much and will be incredibly sad to leave it. Anyway, you all know of my undying love for Lawrence and KU. 

My view of the graduates of 2012. I will post photos of my outfit later today. I loved it! 

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I'm just going to be honest

I'm sitting here in the library trying to hold my tears back so that I can keep the dam from bursting. Everyone I know knows how bad this semester has been for me. The last two weeks I have dealt with life by simply not caring and having the mentality of just trying to hang on. This finals week is strange for me. I've been looking forward to the end of the semester literally all semester long. I walked out of my math final unsure of what happened and how so much time, sweat and tears just ended with a simple test and me walking out.

I have no idea how my Italian final will go. At this point I have done all I can do and that is what I have to keep telling myself, I have done all that I can do. I have been so defined by having a good GPA and nothing below a B for the past few years that when I had to deal with people with low GPA's I was almost haughty. "How on earth could someone not pass a class?" Pretty sure this is just payback from all of those times. Over and over again I've repeated this week "Grades don't define you. Grades aren't an indication of how hard you tried. You are more than your grades." it sounds simple and easy to embrace but it isn't. 

I have no idea who/if anyone reads this blog but if you do please remember what I said, you are more than your grades. I'm slowly learning that an A isn't the greatest lesson you can learn. 
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What I wore:Today

Today I am traveling down to Wichita to photograph a wedding tomorrow morning then rush back up to Lawrence to study for finals! It's muggy and hot here but again it was cool in the morning so I couldn't decide what to wear. I ended to grabbing my favorite polka dot shirt and necklace combination and put on some hot coral shorts! 

Please pardon the hair, the humidity in Kansas is about 390% (only a SLIGHT exaggeration) so I have absolutely no control over this. No amount of hair gel or mousse can fix this issue!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I wore: Today

I want to point out that asking someone in the KU union to take a photo of your outfit is one of the most embarrassing things that will ever happen to you. Normally I would take it over and over again until it was perfect (my photographer side coming out) but I just wanted to get it over with. NOTICE THE RED FACE FROM BEING SO EMBARRASSED! 

Today's outfit was actually incredibly cheap. The top was from Athropologie for $10 (yes, I said 10!) and the shirt was from Target (with a coupon) for only $13! The shoes were from Dillard's and were a gift from Andrew so that made them free! 

Can we just talk about this skirt for a moment though? Seriously, the knit maxi skirt trend I initially wasn't really that big of a fan of it. Now that it is getting hot and I am currently sick that shirt is like pajama pants! 

Grand total (including earrings) $23! 

P.s. Please don't think I always take crappy photos, I promise you I actually do know what I am doing when I say I am a photographer.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share

What I wore

Yesterday was one of those really awkward days in Kansas. It was slightly hot but also slightly cold so you really were screwed either way that you dressed. I opted for a happy medium and wore this outfit. The top is 3/4 sleeves and I found at Plato's Closet here in Lawrence for abut $10. The shorts (not pictured) were from Nordstrom Rack and were mint. Have I mentioned how much I love mint right now? Have I mentioned that every time I see something in Coral I kind of want to die I love it so freaking much? 

Overall the outfit cost me about $35.00 which includes the necklace which I bough on a lark at Forever21. The shorts were the main cost and I didn't know if they would be worth the price but they have more than paid off!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


Life before finals

Sunday morning I woke up and tried to speak. What came out of my mouth sounded like a cross between the spawn of Satan and what I imagine I would sound like if I had been smoking for 80 years. In a word, it was nasty. You see ladies and gentlemen, I haven't been sick all semester. Me, the person who always has some type of cold or virus, sore throat or whatever else you can get, I always have it. I had been so so good up until Monday. 

So yeah, that just made me really happy. Currently I have the voice of a smoker but can breathe so I consider it a decent trade. Plus I actually was able to sleep lying down instead of having to sleep sitting up. 

Today in Italian my teacher came in like normal, except that she was 15 minutes late and I'm pretty dang sure she was timing it because she knows that if it is any longer than 15 minutes the students can walk out. So being the devil that she is she waited until the very last second to walk into class. (Francesca if you read this please note that I am being sarcastic and I love you so very much)

Now you have to understand my Italian teacher Francesca. I love her to death but she also scares the crap out of me and quite frankly she is the only reason I am working so hard in her class. Although it doesn't show it and I know that when she is grading my tests she wants to slap my face and ask why I don't get it, she doesn't. That alone deserves a medal.  

You see, Francesca isn't your normal teacher, she has tattoos all over her body and half of the semester is spent learning about how Axl Rose is amazing and how she wants to marry Tommy Lee Jones. I kid you  not, I even started to write an essay about her love for Axl on one of our tests. Yes, I was trying to be a suck up. Anyway, the more I get to know her the more fascinated I am but also truly scared. She is a passionate Italian that is barely 5ft tall but somehow managed to pin a woman to the wall. (she tells us these stories in class like they are no big deal, NO FRANCESCA, THEY ARE A BIG DEAL) 

Apparently she resigned. BAM. She just walked in and stated it like it was something you do every semester before finals. Completely blew my mind. She was so laid back about it I thought she was joking or was incredibly high on some kind of drug. I was leaning towards the drug part but then I realized she was so relieved that she actually was on a high from her brain.

I'm not exactly sure why I went into such great detail about this but I did and you read it up to this point so now it's your issue. 

The rest of my week looks like this: Friday- stop day, drive down to Wichita, get my car worked on, get ready for a wedding. Saturday-Wedding from 7:30-11:30 that I am shooting. Sunday-drive up to Lawrence at 6 am and then study. 

I'm tired already. 

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