What I Wore: At least I tried

Top: TJ Maxx/Skirt: Banana Republic(last year)/Shoes: TJ Maxx (last year)/Belt: Urban Outfitters (last year)
You all are probably very aware of Tara over at MixMatch Fashion. I love her so much and absolutely love how she matches patterns like an expert and always manages to look chic. I swear she could wear polka dots, stripes, hounds-tooth and some other loud print she could make it all work together in one outfit. Plus the girl is constantly finding good deals and is always the best comment-er, I swear she comments on blogs full-time! Anyway, she always manged to put floral prints and stripes together so well so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try it. Well...I learned that just because the two colors are the EXACT same color it doesn't mean it works. I'm not crazy about this outfit but it began to grow on me after a while.

What do you guys do when it comes to matching prints and floral prints? Also what is a blogger inspired outfit combination you tried but realized you looked like a complete idiot when you did it? *Yes, I am trying to feel better about myself by hearing your stories*
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What I wore: Summer has begun

I have a specific name for this top, it's called "Elephants be everywhere!" It came out when I saw it and it stuck. I can't explain my mind, I just have to roll with it. 
Top: Plato's Closet($8.99)/ Shorts: J Crew Factory($25)/ Belt: Forever 21($3)/Shoes: TJ Maxx ($30)

"Wait.....what?" is probably what you are thinking.It's August Alissa!
You see, I finally finished all of my summer classes this past Friday so since 5pm on July 27th I have been on summer vacation. My philosophy towards summer school is simple, I might as well keep going through torture and get it over with instead of stopping the torture and having to start it again. I mean at this point two weeks off between semesters does seem like an entire summer so I'm just going to keep telling myself I can cram 6 weeks into 2. Totally possible, right? Right. Right. Right. Eh, I can keep telling myself that.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: A royal collar

Skirt: Banana Republic (gift)/ Top: Isaac M for Target (really old)/ Belt: Forever 21/ Shoes: American Eagle via TJ Maxx
I seriously love this ruffled top, I don't wear it nearly as much as I should but I LOVE it. This was back when I was in love with all of Target's designers and they actually had quality clothing. But I digress, you know how I feel about this issue. 

I feel like I belong in a Tudors episode with the collar. Don't get me wrong, I completely love it, but I seriously think I need to be in a TV series with it. Remember back when Isaac Mizarahi was designing for Target? I "splurged" and bought this top, one of my best Target buys ever. When I was looking for a top that was different than the normal one I wear with this skirt it jumped out at me and I was so glad I hung onto it. 

Also, I FINISHED 12 HOURS OF SUMMER SCHOOL TODAY!!!!! NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR A WHOLE TWO WEEKS!!! I feel like Andrew is going to take me out to dinner but is keeping it a surprise. I survived this with only about two meltdowns which were easily fixed with Andrew rushing to the grocery store to buy Mike and Ike's (I'd just like to discuss how ridiculously annoying their new marketing is with Mike and Ike breaking up). Have I mentioned how much I love that guy? 

In other news, who all watches Project Runway? I know it is only the second week in but I can't figure out who I like yet. The first week I was all excited because there is nothing I love more than two gay men fighting over fashion but other than that I wasn't sure how I felt about.  Who is your favorite so far?  Last night was the unconventional challenge and all I wanted to eat while watching it was gummy bears and Mike and Ike's! 
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What I wore: The outfit that made my teacher yell

Notice that my dress is pretty normal, I'm not flashing anyone when I bend over and it's not too revealing. I wore a shirt over the back so when I was at work it would seem less casual.So what possibly could have made my teacher nearly come unglued and nearly make me leave the class? 

Dress: TJ Maxx/ Top: Goodwill/ Shoes: Gianni Binni/ Bracelets: Collected various places/ Bag: Aldo (last Christmas)

You see all those bracelets I am wearing? I don't wear bracelets that often and most certainly don't wear them in a stack like this normally. Well, as college students tend to due I was taking notes on my laptop during class and my teacher kept looking over at me. Again. And Again. OK now I thought he was thinking I was cheating or something. Yeah no, in the middle of the class this quiet man nearly shouted at me, "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TO MAKE THAT MUCH NOISE ALISSA!?" UM....a) I died of embarrassment and might have slumped down in my seat b) I fumbled to get show him the bracelets but in my haste I made them all fall on the ground and make the worlds loudest bracelet crashing sound ever c) I still want to shrink in my chair while writing about this story. d) "Alissa, I realize you love to dress up but please refrain from wearing them while in class. For the rest of the semester!" my teacher said glaring at me e) I only have one more day of class so he can deal with it. 

Seriously, I wanted to die. Die I tell you. 
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What I wore: Just a dress up day

Top: Sister Moses (Shop in Kansas)/ Skirt: Zara/ Belt: Forever 21
The top is ridiculously fun to wear. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES!
J Crew Bracelet: Ebay for $9.99

 Shoes: VonMaur (ONLY $19!!) I had to stalk their sale room for about 3 months but I finally got them as cheap as possible. My stalking talents do payoff sometimes. 

I have really been loving zippers lately. The shirt I wore the other day had it and today my Zara skirt pretty much is made by one. I love the detail they add without too much of a statement. I wore this grocery shopping and some fun shopping. Yes, I was that crazy woman on a Saturday who wore this to buy Clorox and toilet paper. Impractical...yes....fun? YES!!

I figure I am 21 years old and there is no other time in my life I will probably have this much fun and if I want to wear heels to buy groceries whose going to stop me? What is something you did in your 20's that I should do?   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Learning through blogging

Shorts: Forever 21/Top: TJ Maxx/ Shoes: TJ Maxx/ Belt: Forever 21 Bag: Aldo (gift from last Christmas)

I've had this top for over a year and haven't been able to wear it. If I wore it with black shorts it's too dark...if I wore it with white it felt weird. Then it doesn't really have any shape so then I had to find a belt. I started looking around at other bloggers and realized what I needed to pull it off. It all came together and bam! Have you guys ever had a top that you loved because of details (for me it was the lace and zipper on the back) but didn't wear it for at least a year?   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: The Sale from Hell

I woke up at 4:35 AM for the annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale. Yes, I said 4:35AM. I will do a lot to save money and waking up before dawn to get half off clearance is right up my alley.

Top: TJ Maxx ($8)/ Shorts: Nordstrom Rack ($12.99)/ Shoes: TJ Maxx ($20)/ Hat: J Crew Factory ($15) The hat is more out of necessity to stay cool than it is anything else, although I do love it. 

 I will spare you to details about how I nearly punched someone, never have been so tightly pushed up against people and at one point I am almost positive I was moved without actually having my feet on the ground because the crowd was that tight and you pretty much just tried to not die. Mostly because I am still too freaking exhausted to explain how ridiculous it was and how I now have a fear of crowds. I have never had my chest shoved into somebodies back for 30 minutes and nearly being mouth to mouth with them because it was just so crazy. 

Oh and then after that I went to work and then went on to class AND gave a presentation. By 1pm I was running on fumes and giggled when I saw a squirrel because I said the word "squirrel" and it was HI-LARIOUS! Oh and I had a triple shot espresso to keep me awake the rest of the day and I was like an annoying Flo from Progressive on crack. Speaking of Flo....I seriously cannot stand her. If I had more energy and wasn't crashing once again from my espresso I would explain how I can't stand her. 

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How I manage my curls

These are the products I use when I wash or need to moisturize my hair. One thing that is VITAL to curly hair is to NOT over-wash your hair! Seriously, curls need a break from all the washing, the most you should wash your hair more than TWO times a week. I know that sounds nasty but when you rinse your hair in the morning like I do, it really isn't gross.

I use these products on a daily basis, they are cheap, don't build up and after spending hundreds of dollars on hair products for the past 18 years they are the best!! 

Important notes: 
I wash my hair ONCE a week. Nothing more, nothing less. Curly hair tends to be somewhat dry and although mine isn't, it needs the oil to be built up a tiny bit. 

After I wash my hair I leave in the Bumble and Bumble Conditioner and rinse it almost out. I leave a tiny bit in. This helps keep them nice and springy

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF PRODUCT! I see all these magazines with guides for how much product to use, BULL! Anyone with curly hair knows sometimes you just have to pile it on to combat the humidity. 

It is SUPER IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE A DIFFUSER! I cannot live without mine. I don't go on trips without it or anything. I put it on "warm" and "low" and diffuse sections without touching my curls for about 5 -8 minutes. This helps manage the shape of the curl and also is a good way of gauging how much product you need. 

The less you touch your hair, the better. I hate it when people touch my curls without asking, it's like they are petting my hair or something! 

Step by step:
Rinse hair every morning, rinse I said, not wash.

Shake your head like a dog so that your hair doesn't stick to you.

Clean out the 45 hairs out of the shower I lost during simply rinsing. 

Mousse your hair up, spray the gel, gently squeeze hair. 

Then start diffusing with it on "Low" and "Warm" for about 5-8 minutes. Move it around and if you are in a hurry go ahead and put it on "High" but NOT "Hot" and make sure you do it with your head tilted to the side to create volume.

Let it air dry for about 5 minutes. Asses the product situation. At this point I normally put on my mascara and then finish diffusing the hair. 

It literally takes me about 12-18 minutes to do my hair every morning. When I am in a hurry I can do it in as little as 5-8 minutes. 

Let me know if you need any more help or need to know anything else! I love helping people manage their curls! All hope is not lost and you CAN manage them!


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I've talked about how embarrassed I am when my boyfriend reads my blog entries out-loud in his valley girl voice and all of you have had this happen to you so I didn't feel alone. 

Well one of my friends found a pin I had (I do NOT pin photos of my face, it feels weird) of my clutch and she commented saying, "Did you seriously just pin a photo of yourself?" and then "Why do you keep pinning photos of yourself!??!?!" Now, I'm not mad, I more-so wanted to run away and hide under a rock. I felt/feel so vain and shallow. I hesitated even pinning the photo of my clutch, it took a lot of nerve. I know a lot of people pin photos of their blog to get traffic and I wanted to do it in a subtle way but not overt with actual pictures of myself. 

I cried (Ok still am crying). Yes, I know it's ridiculous but I cried. I felt ashamed and stupid. I don't want people thinking I'm a shallow person who wants photos of themselves plastered all over Pinterest (Although one can dream) but I thought that it was kind of a normal thing to do in blog land.

You guys I am crying, like seriously crying. I don't want to face this person, I feel horrified and terrible like I have done something dirty. Is it wrong? Am I overreacting? Has this happened to you?  

*UPDATE* I realize I completely took it entirely too personal and my boyfriend said it looked like I was doing just what everyone else does. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me. You continually amaze me with your support. 
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What I wore: Across Campus

Top: American Apparel (Gift)/ Skirt: Banana Republic (Gift)/ Shoes: Dillards $25/ Jewerly (Gift) Clutch: TJ Maxx (Gift)

I cannot resist a sheer top and good leather clutch and it just so happened I had the perfect opportunity to wear both the other day. What I love about sheer tops are that you can layer or just wear a light tank underneath and you are good to go. Plus all I had to buy for this outfit was literally the shoes so it didn't cost me more than $25!
I had a presentation on Thursday so I sucked it up and wore my kitten heels up the darn KU hill! I seriously avoid it at all costs but today was just unavoidable. 

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Stepping outside my box

Skirt: Target/Shirt: Fortuity/ Belt: Banana Republic
The skirt is still available and there is an online coupon for it!

This is a shameless copy of a outfit I saw on Pinterest. Which is shameless because my goal during this whole blogging experience is that I wanted to start trying outfits that I wouldn't normally try. I haven't worn this belt in forever and it was incredibly expensive (I got it as a gift but it was still $80) so I feel bad that I only wear it with one outfit because it matches perfectly. Which is a completely shame! I've been thinking about how I tend to be incredibly perfectionistic about color matching and I need to STOP! 

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What I wore: Test Monday

Top: Urban Outfitters ($10)/ Shorts: White House Black Market (Free, gift)/ Shoes: BCBG (ONLY $20!!)/ Necklace: Forever 21 $5 Total outfit cost: $35

I had a test on Monday so I decided to go with the old saying, "Dress well, test well." I was the only one that dressed up and the people in my class thought I was an idiot but hey, I felt good!

I originally wore these heels and then when I went to take photos and I was like SCREW THIS! I was sweating having to run back and forth so you know what, these photos are just what I decided was good enough! This top I got at Urban Outfitters specifically because I feel like I will be able to style it in the fall pretty easily. I have been doing that a lot lately, I've been really leaning towards things I can layer easy. Anyone else been this way lately? 

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The Glow Run Kansas City + Why I am waking up at 3 am for a sale

You all should know how much I hate running. Running inside on a treadmill, in AC and a TV still makes me hate it so you can only imagine how much I hate running on the road. So my bestie and I thought this would be "fun" and we should totally have our boyfriends run with us!

Last night was the glow run, currently as I speak I feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks. I realize it's just 3.1 miles but hey, for some of us that is a lot! It was incredibly fun to wear all of the glow and that motivated me to about mile 1.2. Then I was dead. I had to walk about .5 miles and then jog, and then catch my breath and then finally I realized that if I just ran the rest of the way I would get it over faster. So I ran. I wanted to puke so badly. I crossed the finish line and wanted to yell, "IT IS FINISHED!" but it felt inappropriate. So here's to finally crossing off doing a 5K in my life!

FYI- If you live in the Lawrence or Kansas City area, LISTEN UP! The Downtown Lawrence garage sale is this Thursday! Urban Outfitters (Don't get me started on how much I hate their hipster vibe but they have really cute dresses) from 5 am to 10am sale prices are an additional 50% OFF! So I went in there today and let me tell you, they have a TON of adorable dresses and non-hipster pants that are already super marked down but they will be even cheaper! So you have to get in line at 4am but if you want a bargain join me!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


The most unflattering outfit that I will never wear again

I got this dress at Target about two years ago. I LOVE it! So clearly me liking the dress isn't an issue. The issue is that I have somehow managed to lose my strapless bra and this is a strapless dress. So in order to look decent I put a swear on it. AND THEN DIDN'T LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Oh well. 
Happy weekend!!!
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Chambray+Coral= instant comfort

I assure you that I have washed this shirt since I have worn it so much this week.
Chambray: Fortuity/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Shoes: Gianni Binni/ Belt: Banana Republic (gift)
Total for outfit $40.75 (the shorts and top have paid for themselves already)

Funny storyOne of my best friends works in the same office as I do at KU. We don't wear the same clothes normally so we've never talked about what we are going to wear. So this happened....
Yeah....we need to start discussing our wardrobe options now. She wore a brown belt and I wore a black one but still it's kind of hilarious. Has this happened to you? 
  Last night the Boy read all of my blog posts. OUT LOUD, WORD FOR WORD.There is possibly nothing worse that lying in bed with your head covered by a blanket because you cannot handle how you sound when your boyfriend is reading it out loud. 
This weekend I have the Glow Run KC, lots of studying for school and I am really hoping to get to some blogs and work out outfits. What are your plans? 
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Feeling a little Pinterest inspired

This is my first outfit that I have put together since starting this blog that I really stepped out of my comfort zone. You all know I am obsessed with my new chambray top I got the other day but I decided that I wanted to just go into my closet and then go crazy. So what do you think? Should I take away the belt? What do you all think? Also I really respect those of you that are so fearless in your fashion! I've been so incredible inspired by all of the new blogs I am finding and seeing how ladies across the world are wearing things.
The necklace was a gift from a friend, I initially didn't like it but I am so glad that I saved it! It's now one of my favorite statement pieces. 
Skirt: Forever 21 (old, but it was $12.50)/ Top: Fortuity/ Shoes: Gianni Binni (old and thrifted)/ Necklace: Gift/ Belt: Forever 21 ($3.50)

Have I ever mentioned how much I miss wearing heels? I used to work at a bank and then at a District Attorneys office so I was ALWAYS in heels. Now that I am up at KU the hills making even tennis shoes hard to wear! I often have to bring a 2nd pair of shoes to be able to walk up the hill. 
Tomorrow I will reveal my hair cut and then on Monday I am posting a tutorial on how I manage my curls! Be sure to tell all your friends with curly hair to come by this Monday! 

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How you say my name +A completely normal outfit

I love my name. If that makes me a bad person so be it, but I really love my name. Since I love my name so much I have a slight pet peeve we need to discuss. People see "Alissa" and somehow it magically turns into......"MELISSA" "ALISA" "ALLISON" "ALICIA" "ANDREA" and "ELISA" Folks, my name is pretty simple. You DROP the M and E from Melissa and add an A. Easy? Now let's all say it, Alissa (uhlissssssaaaa) My grandparents swore it was the strangest name they had ever seen and all of my birthday cards were always a different variation of my name. Always just *SO* close but not quite there. I always feel bad when I see a name that I'm pretty sure gets butchered a lot and I always try to go out of my way to pronounce it correctly. 

*rant over*  I swear I really am a nice person but I just had to get that off my chest. 

I felt completely uninspired when I put this outfit together. It was really hot out and even worse, muggy! I hate heat to begin with but then add humidity and general crappyness. So I threw out an outfit and went grocery shopping. I refuse to let you all think that I put together an outfit every single day. I don't. I have days where putting on real pants is my only accomplishment.
Shirt: TJ Maxx ($12.99) / Shorts: Arizona Trading Company (thrifted in Lawrence $6.50)/ Shoes: American Eagle (via TJ Maxx, $18.99)/ Bracelets: random gifts 
Total cost for outfit: $25

 Not every thing I wear is worth photographing and this to me is a super simple outfit that anyone could wear. I'm not a blogger who doesn't blog what she REALLY wears and so then people look at their blog and think, "Man! I wish I had the energy to dress up every day." Nope, not true. I sit here blogging in my pajamas and it is only 6:37pm. 

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DIY: Linen clutch

Let's be real people, half of the things we see on Pinterest look cool online but when you do them in real life....they cost twice as much, turn out nasty and take all day to work on. Well, I saw this idea for a painted clutch and I decided to try it. I couldn't find a paint color I liked so I went with a wide ribbon instead. I ended up making two different ones because I am giving it as a gift to a friend. 

Also these took about 30 minutes and that was with me making a lot of mistakes so I had to go back and correct them a lot. If you are craftier than I am, it'll take you like 15 minutes for 2! 

So this is what you need:
The total cost for all of this was $15 but if I would have had a 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby it would have been cheaper. Also any permanent tape would work but I wanted to be sure I got a tape for material. 
Cut a strip of ribbon a couple of inches longer than the clutch. 
You need to be sure this is really straight before you put it down on your clutch, this tape was STICKY!

In order to make sure the ends don't fray, loop the corners and so that way they aren't exposed!

Now you just lay the ribbon down, loop the ends and YOU ARE DONE!! I decided on the next one I wanted to do I needed a bow so that was super easy! 
When you create the bow be sure to remember to glue down the actual bow, not just the knot in the middle!
It's quick, easy and doesn't take all day to do! What else can you want in a DIY project? I hope you guys enjoyed this, I had a LOT of fun making it and I can't wait to till it with some candy and nail polish and send them to a friend of mine. 
Btw: This week at Hobby Lobby the clutches are 30% off so the cost will be even less!
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