What I Wore: Weekend outfit requirements

Top: Plato's Closet/Shorts:J Crew Factory/Belt:Forever 21/ Earrings: American Eagle
There are two things that I require in weekend outfits. Comfort and easy. This sweatshirt/top/oversize sweater fit both. Except that when I first tried it on I allowed myself to get carried away with how comfortable it is that I overlooked how long and weird it was to style.(Also, sometimes I get caught up in something being a really cool brand and price that I buy it regardless of how flattering it is. I'm not the only one right?) My solution? I rolled up the sides and now only the back and front are longer, sure it isn't the most flattering thing but when I am getting bagels downtown on a Sunday morning who cares? Plus when you belt nearly everything like I do all you have to do it throw on a belt to give you some shape and you are done!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: The day I learned I will never be a J Crew model.

  You know how when you see the new J Crew look book you get alll excited about the different prints, stripes and sequins that are happening. I mean, LOOK YOU CAN WEAR A SWEATSHIRT WITH A SEQUIN SKIRT AND IT'S PERFECTION! I mean why aren't we all wearing this combination? Apparently all of J Crew thinks we do. So this outfit came out of this whole J Crew crazy pattern world. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE J Crew. I love their models. I love all the J Crew blogs I read. I however just need to realize 3 patterns is a a little extreme for me.
Shoes and bag: Fossil/Shirt: J Crew/ Cardigan: Urban Outfitters/ Belt:Gap
At this point and time I just want it over with and said screw fixing my shirts. So please forgive  the pregnant look. 
However, I will never, ever be able to pull their looks off. I actually had chills when I looked in the mirror but I had to wear it anyway. I combined 3 different prints and honestly I think I feel sick knowing I had that much going on. I actually pulled out a sweatshirt for a sequined skirt and realized before I tried it on....hellz to the no. How do you ladies rock your different prints?
Also....it's going to be 101 degrees this Sunday. WHAT THE FRICK!?!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: These are my confessions

These are my confessions (sung of course to the tune of Usher's Confessions) (You're welcome, you will never be able to get this out of your head) 1) I really love this top. It had cute shoulders and is polka dotted, end of story. 2) I wore heels in these photos just to feel sexy because I was NOT feeling it. 

Jeans: MAKER/Shoes:BCBG/Top: Plato's Closet/Jewerly: J Crew Factory

* You know the phrase "study your ass off" that is often said? HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF YOU COULD STUDY YOUR ASS OFF?!?! If this was possible I would have the most skinny booty ever.*
*I realize that freshman have always been annoying but seriously I swear they just get more dumb and annoying every single semester. OMG, I sound like such an old grouchy woman.*
*I want to know how people get time to be drunk. I'm exhausted just working and going to school, much less getting drunk and then having to recover.*
*My parents still haven't figured out that Taco Bell's 4th meal is for stoners and drunks. They seriously cannot figure it out. They are so cute and innocent.*
*I'm seriously afraid that if I ever get drunk I will be that person who wakes up with a misspelled tattoo. Because that is my life.*
*I don't understand teachers who give a disclaimer that something is confusing, end up confusing themselves and then look at us and ask if it is clear. NO IT ISN'T!*
 I am thoroughly exhausted and I swear even just one more confession will make my head spin. Also I am so tired that I am actually envisioning my head spinning.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: The Texas Tuxedo

First I just want to say how much I hate denim on denim. I hate dark blue on blue. Like seriously I can't even handle how much I hate those two things. They remind me of my dad and farms, old men and other things that kind of have fashion all wrong. So when I opened up the August issue of Glamour I was so confused. MILA KUNIS HAD DENIM ON DENIM. Literally I was confused, how was this a legit style? I swore I would never try this style but then I remembered how if I am blogging I need to try new things, blah, blah, blah. So I did it. 
The verdict? I seriously hate it. I had a hard time even wanting to do photos of this because I hated it so much. How is this supposed to look good? Should I have worn a different belt? It's like old man meets awkward hipster style meets grandpa. (which apparently is different than old man in my mind) OK, so you get it, I hate it and will never wear it again. Just wanted to make sure you know how I feel. The bottom line is that Mila Kunis could wear a sack and make it look good, I need to accepted that I am Alissa Futhey, not Mila Kunis.
(I put this in here just so you know that not all my photos turn out great. Also I crack myself up)
And just so you can see how I have been rocking the hand on the hip pose all my life....literally this what I do all day, every single day. 
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What I Wore: Rainy day Dilemma

Skirt and belt: Forever 21/Shoes: BCBG/Shirt: Target
My boyfriend is so lucky he gets to see this face every day. Mother of his future children right there. WINNER! Seriously, you don't even know the faces I make and he captures but I will be dead before anyone gets to see them.

I saw a photo of an outfit I loved about 6 months ago on Pinterest and all I can remember about it was that there was a pencil skirt, a belt and a regular t-shirt. I didn't pin it stupidly (it was one of those outfits EVERYONE was pinning so it was getting out of control) and so now I don't know if this worked out like it did. So I wasn't super, duper crazy about it but then I was all, "WAIT! It's raining today, I CAN WEAR POLKA DOTS WITH POLKA DOTS!" HAPPY POLKA DOT DANCE!!
Also, I have learned that on rainy days I need to just accept that my hair will never work with me and I need to just embrace the ponytail and go. So excuse the mess. In addition, can it just be fall so I can stop having to shave my legs every day? I'm just being honest here.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


My first statement necklace

I've had a bit of luck lately in the blogger world and I won this necklace from the Bauble Bar over at Lily's Style. I'm not going to lie, I used to hate statement necklaces like this but maybe since it's free that's why I suddenly love it. It's my first Bauble Bar necklace and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality! I have issues with necklaces being too heavy, I blame my mothers sensitive neck issue for this but even though this was heavy it didn't hurt me!
Shirt: Target (old)/Pant: MAKER jeans/Shoes: American Eagle via TJ Maxx/Necklace: Bauble Bar
My boyfriend asked me, "Did a bowl of soup come with it?" I stared at him blankly. Remember Caddyshack? "Al Czervik: Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Al Czervik: Oh, it looks good on you though." Basically my boyfriend just said this is the ugliest thing he's ever seen. Says the man who thinks wearing tennis shoes with a suit is perfectly acceptable. Uh-huh.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Loafers are for old ladies and now I am an old lady

Shoes: Crown Vintage/Shirt: J Crew/ Shorts: J Crew/Necklace: Gift
When I was younger I thought loafers were the scourge of the shoe world. No really, I put them with 90 year old women and underwear that goes up to your boobs. Then I arrived at college and suddenly realized that apparently loafers are the quintessential preppy shoe. I was shocked. Um....I was genuinely confused about how I felt about the issue. Then I was given a pair. HALLELUJAH! You guys, I am now a 90 year old woman because they are so freaking darn comfy!! 

Also, I am so freaking bored with my summer clothes. I keep on trying to throw in elements of fall but seriously, I cannot handle more heat and having to deal with sweating while running to classes. The end. I thought wearing long sleeves might make it cooler today...the result? It was 95.  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


A Collection of Random Outfits

Hi Guys! Today is my first day of my new internship so I am busy learning the ropes at the new place. Today I have a collection of random outfits that never made it on the blog because I wasn't super crazy about them. 

Outfit 1: Shirt: GAP, pure/Shorts: Nordstrom Rack/Shoes and earrings: Gianni Binni/Purse: Jessica Simpson
Outfit 2: Skirt and tank top: Target/Belt: Banana Republic/Sunglasses:gift
I am a style guru intern for College Fashionista and will be doing a lot of reporting about street style and doing interviews of people I find on the street. Plus a lot of other things but that is the main idea. I am really excited about this internship as it is the first fashion focused internship I've gotten.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Style Guru Internship

Top: Plato's Closet/Pants: MAKER Jeans/Bag: Fossil/Shoes: TJ Maxx/Belt: Urban Outfitters
I wore this outfit on the first weeks post at College Fashionista for my internship. I felt like since it really focuses on "street style" so I decided to go with something that wasn't typical of what I would wear. That being said, I kind of love it and now completely am glad that I decided to for it. That bag is unfortunately super large but not large enough to be my new school bag. I've just decided that I will never have a cute school bag and will be stuck with a messenger. bag. So you should know that in outfit pictures of what I wore to school I will not actually have the bag I carried because it completely drags down all my outfits. Also it's incredibly hard to try and narrow your style down to ONE outfit to define who you are.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


Dear Alissa

Dear Alissa,
    I'm writing this today to remind you when you look back how you felt when you were 21. Today you are starting your second year of college at KU and officially start your fashion industry internship. Today you are incredibly nervous as you always are and worried that you are going to have another horrible semester like you did in the spring. You are 21 years old, excellent health and recently ran a 5K. You are pursing things that you never thought were possible for you and you are comfortable with who you are. You don't know where you want to end up but you know who you want to end up with. You've made it this far even when your family doesn't support you and you had to borrow money. Your boyfriend is supportive, amazing and completely helps you in every way possible. Sometimes you cry too much, including at Mott's Tots commercials, the Olympics and Big Daddy. You still are struggling with math and Italian but you know that and really want to fix it. These things will not be the death of you and though at times you feel they are going to kill you, they will just make you stronger.

 I'm crying right now. Why? Because I never thought I would be this happy. Ever. I didn't even think it was possible to be this happy. Yes, you struggled and cried through last semester and probably will once again. Yes, you are still working out some of the anger about how you grew up/were taught. You have acknowledge that you weren't taught everything you needed to know growing up but you are trying. Sure, you aren't brilliant but you have accepted it. You do need to learn though that it's OK to make mistakes and fall. Yes, you are going to get sucky grades and not everything is going to be a perfect A like it was before. It's OK. You don't know what the heck job you are going to have, in fact you start to panic when you think about it. It doesn't seem possible that you are old enough to start considering a career. How did that even happen? You aren't going to start out at a job that pays great and allows you to afford Michael Kors bags every paycheck. You need to remember this. Success isn't going to be defined by money, remember this.

You are not allowed to focus on the blog as a way of validating yourself. You are not allowed to become that blogger that is obsessed with followers and your stats. The moment you do turn into that you need to realize that you are not who you truly are. You are blogging for yourself, yes, it's incredibly fun and you have met great people, but don't make it about numbers or stats. 

I'm proud of who you are. In fact, the fact that you started the blog and when a friend said something negative you didn't shut it down makes me realize that you really do love who you are. So keep wearing those weird patterns that aren't typical in Kansas. Stop caring about looks your "friends" are giving you. They are probably jealous they aren't being who they are. You are an original so stop trying to be a copy of someone else. You are your own person and no one may understand you but all that matters is that you do. You took some risks this year and some have paid off and some haven't but that is life. 

You need to remember that you aren't doing anything in life except for you. Stop trying to please those around you. In the end you still have to deal with your issues at the end of the day and they probably won't even be there. 
21 year old me  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


The Liebster Award

Jenn over at A Pop of Style kindly nominated me for the Liebster award which was completely shocking and so flattering. Every single time I get a notification that you guys have left me a comment I get excited. Jenn asked me 10 questions and here are my answers:

1. What is one of your favorite pieces of clothing for fall weather?
I cannot live without my skinny jeans. I know this isn't an earth shattering answer but seriously, jeans don't get enough credit. Plus lets be real, it's impossible to find a good pair of jeans and when you do it's like heaven. 
2. If you could dress a guy in the perfect outfit for the summer, what would it be?
Um..I wish you all could see my boyfriend when I take him through the clothing part of Target. He insists it is the women's department every single time. So there go all my hopes and dreams and my heart sinks. Then he says something smart and I threatened to hurt him. It's a loving relationship. No really, it is. Seriously though I really love a guy in a good pair of jeans and a button down (almost a chambray) and boat shoes. 
3. Outlet malls... love them or hate them?
Wait, you mean to tell me that some people don't like outlet malls? Please inform me where these people are so I can make them see the light.
4. What is the best deal you ever got on a piece of clothing?
Back when Isaac Mizahi designed for Target he had this amazing pair of heels that were $50.00 and I wanted them SOOOOO badly. I saved and saved (I wasn't working, I was 16) and purchased them online. Target ended up sending them a) late and b) the wrong package. There was like $200 worth of clothing in that box. I called them and they ended up telling me to just return it to the store and keep the gift card. Not kidding. So I basically made $150.00 off that. 
5. What is one beauty item you can't live without?
Bad Gal "They're Real" lashes. The end. Bam.
6. Do you have a LBD?
I have like 4. I kind of take that old saying of how vital a LBD is and use it to justify my black dress love.
7. What is the most important staple for an office wardrobe?
A good pencil skirt. No really, it's not as easy as it sounds. Get a good one, not cheap, not skanky, the slit isn't too high and it isn't too short. A good pencil skirt will make men drool and women jealous.
8. How does the blogosphere help you improve your style?
Phew. Seriously, I cannot even tell you how many outfits I have styled that I would have NEVER put together. The colors, patterns, styles, etc. Right now I am really just finding my style and I am definitely better able to identify it now. 
9. What is your favorite blog and why?
I have seriously sat here eating Mike and Ike's wondering what my favorite blog is. Probably Pink Peonies but really I have about 10 major ones that I love. 
10. Skirts or dresses? Oh come on! I've seriously spent half an hour on these questions and now I have the last one and I've sat here another 10 minutes deciding. I say skirts but that is only because I just bought a polka dot skirt and love it. 

Some of you have taken the time to email me and tell met that they really support my blogging and have been an incredible support system this past week. It's truly incredible to me how across the world I still feel like there is a community behind me pushing me to pursue my dreams and be happy. Every single time you ladies comment I am honored and I am so, so happy. I've learned so much in these past few months and could not be happier. 
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What I Wore: Did she seriously wear that?

I wore stripes and an animal print belt the other day. Apparently when I was walking by on a major street a girl did NOT approve of it and asked her friend if I seriously wore that. Yes, lady. I did and although it probably isn't the most perfect combination, I AM A BLOGGER AND I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MIX IT UP! SO DEAL WITH THAT!
                   Shorts: Old/Cardigan: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: American Eagle/Belt: Forever 21
So onto other things, I'm going to go ahead and list all the things I did *NOT* do this past week. 
I most certainly did NOT make my boyfriend get me water at 3am because I had a cold and was drowsy.
I did NOT, not shave for almost 4 days. 
I did NOT make a specific trip to Panera in town only to find out that they are closed for remodeling and get so upset I yelled in my car about it. 
I did NOT watch about 5 hours of Hoarders and then become super paranoid that my apartment had a roach infestation when I saw a simple fly on the wall.
I did NOT after watching all those hours of Hoarders have to take a long shower because I felt like the germs came through the TV screen.
I did NOT start unloading my groceries and then say "Screw it" and took a nap.
I did *NOT* look at puppies all week and think about how much I want one. 
I did *NOT* cry when one of my friends said my blogging is stupid. I didn't. Nope, not at all. And certainly I didn't cry while hiding behind a door.  
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What I Wore: School Spirit

 (Don't even ask, I thought jumping photos would be great. Instead all it did was remind me of what a dork I am. So that was fun) Oh and I'd like to address those of you who know about KU. You can't beat us.....except in football. That we can't win in.If it killed us. So if you are a football fan, I instantly assume your team is better than us and we can still be friends.
While I was away from Lawrence I decided I wasn't wearing nearly enough KU items (it's a uniform for me on lazy days) so I threw this on. I am incredibly happy that brands are beginning to make more designer college items, long gone at the male t-shirts that aren't flattering and make you look like a hot mess. When you went to school was it like this for you? Also I think I will probably start trying harder to wear my school clothing in a more fashionable way, thankfully football is coming up! (Which is really just to say that I like dressing up for games, clearly we don't have a winning history. )  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: I'm not a deep person

Hey you guys, I have something to confess. I'm not a deep person. "Uh duh! You blog about CLOTHES for goodness sakes!" is probably what you are thinking. I know, I know. I was having breakfast with my bestie the other day and I just said it, " I like clothes, I like money, I like photos, I like shopping and I'm not afraid to say it." Sure I can have deep conversations and I'm not completely a ditz but I love being girly, I'm materialistic and that is just me. I have no other explanation for it. 

Top: Target (GO Collection)/ Shorts: J Crew Factory/ Shoes BCBG (via Foxtrot)
I know once again I am going to sound crazy but I feel like in blogs there is pressure to make something more of ourselves, like we need to balance out blogging about clothing. Which is completely fine if you do that, heck, I sometimes even do that. I'm just tired of feeling like I have to be deep and always have some profound statement. You guys, I'm a 21 year old who is in college, I love shoes, I care too much about labels and I love working out because I like to stay fit. It's just me.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: I'm out of ideas

I know, I've only been blogging for a few months but this past week has been very stressful. My mother was in the hospital, my boyfriends family was in town, I was trying to relax but small thing after small thing kept coming up and I have been so tense. So what is a girl to do when she is stressed? Watch Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's. And no, I refuse to apologize for how you have "Moon River" stuck in your head. 

Shorts and top: White House Black Market/Shoes: BCBG (via Foxtrot)/ Hat: J Crew Factory
So after watching this I decided to pull out what I had in my suitcase and recreate a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed outfit. Well, clearly it's not overtly inspired by them but I ended up with this and I am ok with it. Side note, I've decided to stop letting my boyfriend take photos of me from the side, I swear I like 4 months pregnant. Ugh. So not cool. Actually my tiny sister is about 8 months pregnant and I swear she had a flatter stomach.

What is your favorite movie that you have gotten fashion inspiration from?
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