Dear Birchbox: We are over. Never, ever getting back together

Dear Birchbox,
     I liked you in the beginning, perhaps it was just the honeymoon phase. Then you came for the 2nd month and well, the honeymoon phase I felt the month before was over. Then the 3rd month came and I thought that maybe I was just having too high of expectations. Then we arrived at October, the 4th month of our relationship and I have to tell you something. It's you, not me. You were late, you were slow to arrive and left me wanting more. You make me feel disappointed and like someone sent me the leftovers from their bathroom that they didn't want. I refuse to take your crap. 
We are over. 
You were nice in the beginning. 
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What I Wore: Borrowing from Sequin and Stilettos

Notice the subtle gang sing I am flashing? Oh yeah, I'm so awkward you don't even know. Like how did that even happen?
Top: Zara/Sweater: Banana Republic/Jeans: Gap/Shoes:Target
I think it was last winter that I saw almost this exact same outfit from Skylette at Sequins and Stilettos. I of course love hers better and it was more flattering on me. However it was on my Pinterest board and I really was not feeling that creative for my outfit. 

I feel like there is a direct correlation between my creativity for outfits and time spent planning and the amount of insane homework and tests that I have right now. I know I complain about it a lot, I should really stop but honestly I'm not going to. As much as I know what to expect for the hours of homework I spend every day, it always catches me by surprise.
p.s. how would you style this sequin sweater next time? I need help!

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Lessons I have learned this week

Sweater: H&M/Pants: Gap/Shoes: Foxtrot/Scarf: Gift
I don't understand what has happened to time since fall break. I feel like I haven't gotten anything done and homework is constantly piling up with no room to breathe. There is only 6 more weeks, it's crunch time!
*I learned that every time I go into H&M I am disappointed and just need to stop. *
*"Slight wind" in Kansas = 35mph wind gusts that carry my beloved hat away. *
*Fall disappears entirely too fast and it makes me sad*
*I cannot wait for this election to be over. Seriously, I have unfriended so many people because I cannot take it.*
*Scarves are my new BFF and I don't know why it took me so long to like them.*
*The moment this blog seems like a "job" I know that I need to take a break from it.*
*I have already started planning my outfits for my NY trip over Christmas and I realize I am now teetering on "psycho" woman status.*
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I will do a lot of things for photos, but sitting next to a snake is not one

There are 2 photos in this post. None of them really give you a great idea of what I wore. I had a lot of plans for showing you how to tie a scarf into a bow (which apparently doesn't photograph well but it looks really good in real life) and dazzle you all. Please let me explain to you what is happening in these photos. 

Life is great, birds are singing and I am wearing polka dots so life can't get much better. 
Pants: Gap/Top:Gap/Scarf: Forever21/Shoes: BCBG
LIFE IS OVER AND WENT TO HELL. Right after I took this photo (I was doing this on a tripod) I  turned around to see where I had been sitting and there was a snake. A SNAKE I TELL YOU. I was alone so I was my only protection. I thought about getting my mace out but then I realized it was too cruel for me to do that plus I would probably just make the situation worse because the last time I tried to spray my mace I almost spray myself (another story for another day). It was basically 9ft. long (Ok, it was probably a garden snake or something else but it may as well have been 9ft.) had color, and basically had fangs. I quickly assessed the color situation thinking I actually know something about snakes (which I don't because they scare the poo out of me), then realize I know nothing and pretty much immediately ran away. In heels. Down a hill. Locked my door. Immediately got my laptop while still shaking and wrote this. 

I will do a lot of things for photos but sitting near a snake or being in the vicinity of a snake is not one of them. You see, snakes haven't done anything personal to me, other than they exist. Therefore you can see how we do not get along. 
The end. 
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What I Wore: Sequin Thursday

Top: Banana Republic/Skirt: J Crew (Via Goodwill)/Boots: Franco Sarto (via Weaver's)
I love the texture of corduroy. Seriously, it's what makes fall great. Well that and about a million other reasons.

The other night on Twitter I started using the hashtag #sequinthursday. Why? Maybe because I secretly want to start a trend and then get #sequinthursday trending? Maybe.  Or.. maybe I just really thought I was being clever and said that? Sadly, it was neither of these things. I don't know why I used that hashtag so I am sadly am really boring.

It doesn't appear this way in photos but the front of this shirt is covered in sequins. It was surprised when I found it a Banana Republic because they don't have sequins that often I feel like. So being the lovely hoarder that I am. I BOUGHT BOTH GREY AND GOLD. Seriously, I've never done that before but it happened. I'm assuming I'm not the only one that has done this. Also, I didn't buy two because of the great price either......if you get what I mean.

(Btw, please forgive the old hair, I forgot to blog this!)
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The story of how I ended up with baby pumpkins

Ok, fall pumpkin picking is like Christmas morning for me. I'm a complete nerd. I HAVE to have the perfet pumpkins for me and the boy. These two were the clear winners after about 15 minutes of looking....but then......
Look!!! That strange shaped one? The boyfriend got it for me and I LOVE it, there is something about the shape that I love. But then....I walked past the mini pumpkin field. It was like a field full of babies!!! I, being the nurturer that I am completely had to get a baby for my pumpkins. So........Yes, I have a pumpkin family. Seriously, I need a baby or animal, I have to nurture something!

You guys, this is my adorable boyfriend, meet him! He spent so much time go over pumpkins and finding the perfect one for me. Thank you honey so much for your time and energy making everything perfect for me. Not just that day, every single day. You complete me.

And.....our family!!!!!!

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New season...new hair!

Top:Banana Republic (via Goodwill)/Skirt: Ted Baker/Knee socks: Foxtrot/Boots:Victoria Spencer/Belt:Banana Republic
I have super thick hair. Supa, supa thick. So...I went to my fabulous hairstylist Erin and said, "chop it off!" Bam. It was about 3 inches later and my curls are curling better, my hair is lighter and I am soooo happy with it. There is something great about having a new hair cut for the new weather, maybe it's because I feel like every season is a fresh start and a haircut is a great way of symbolizing it. 

Also I feel like kind of a 1960's bond girl in this outfit, especially with the socks poking out of the boots. The boyfriend asked me if I was trying to look like a European spy. Either way, I'll take it. 
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Guest Posting at.....

Coffee Beans and Cardigans!  I'm showing off my favorite fall outfit and how to take it from casual to business. Please enjoy!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: It's an arm party

Cardigan:TJ Maxx/Shirt: TJ Maxx/Pants: Gap/Shoes: Dillard's/Belt:Forever 21/ Bracelets: Various places and Ebay

When I first started blogging (over this summer) I got so envious of all the amazing bauble bracelets people had. Yes, I know that is completely silly but seriously, I was like obsessed with how awesome all of their arm candy was. Slowly but surely I have gotten a few bracelets on my own and today I looked down and said, "I HAVE AN ARM PARTY!" Yes, I am a complete dork.

What was your blogging "thing" that you were obsessed with and now you realize you finally have it? 

In other news, last week was seriously the week from hell when it came to deadlines and other homework. It was so much so that I got my stress zit that I rarely get but when under intense pressure I get it. Always in the same spot and always the same amount of time. This is incredibly worrying because my best friends wedding is THIS WEEKEND! EEEKKK! It's hard to believe that my bestie literally for a lifetime is getting married! Kara, you have been the  best friend I could ask for and I cannot wait to shower you with love and see you so happy this weekend.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


How to create volume and more curl

Although I don't have issues with creating curls, I get a lot of questions from people about how to create more curl and how to tame the frizz down. Garnier Fructis has excellent curl products that are affordable for everyone but also excellent. Let me walk through what products to use for different purposes. 

1. Get your hair soaking wet, then lightly squeeze out the excess water with a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are vital to helping your curls stay healthy and not damaged! It's worth the investment! 

2. This product is AMAZING to create and shape your curls. Spray lightly all over hair and create away! What I love doing is creating big ringlets with this spray gel, it isn't too heavy and is just enough to have lasting power. 
After step 1 and 2, lightly diffuse sections of your hair. It doesn't have to be completely dry but you want it to not be completely wet. This part is important to know if you have enough product in your hair. 

3. Since you want those curls to stay like that all day long, apply about a quarter sized amount of this gel randomly through your hair to create more curl and sort of "scrunch" your hair up. Even better, do this while your head is upside down to create even more volume. 

4. Diffuse while your head is still upside down, it creates more body!

5. Finally apply the curl sculpting cream. It is soft and smells divine! What this product does is allows you to enhance the curls that you have already created PLUS it tames frizz so you don't have to worry about any flyaways! 

As always, please email me with any questions you have about curly hair!
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What I Wore: It's fffaaalllllll!!!!!!!!!!!

I normally don't like cocktail rings but this was at TJ Maxx, an incredible price and well, it's freaking Kate Spade. Need I say more?
Scarf: Banana Republic/Pants:Gap/Shoes: Hand me down/Top: TJ Maxx/Ring: Kate Spade (via TJ Maxx)
 I realize it's been fall for a few weeks but seriously this was amazing fall weather this past weekend in Lawrence. I got to go for a walk with the boyfriend, I worked on a paper that will probably be the death of me, I burned my favorite fall candle (Leaves by Bath and Body Works), did some shopping and did a run down on Mass street (the main downtown street). It just felt like FALL! I get absolutely giddy when it is like this!  Plus I got to wear green pants and any day that happens is a good one.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: The day my boyfriend bought me boots

Shirt: Target/Sweater: Forever 21/Pants: Gap/Boots: Franco Sarto (via Weavers)
Do you see those lovely, gorgeous and comfortable boots? My lovely boyfriend, after my weekend from hell I had, surprised me with these lovely boots! I saw them in the window of Weaver's department store in downtown Lawrence and droooolllleeeeddd over them. About two weeks passed and I had given up on them because they were pretty expensive. I know that he doesn't understand that although I ONLY HAVE TWO FEET, I require about 9 pairs of boots in black alone. He completely spoils me and supports me in every way possible, even when it comes down to shallow things like boots. 

I love you babe!
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What I Wore: The random hot day..

Top: TJ Maxx/Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft/Shoes: Born/Shorts: J Crew Factory/Billfold:Gap/Scarf: gift
In Kansas you can never be really sure what season you are in. Why? Because in the middle of a perfectly fall week and cool temperatures...the next day it is 95. Such was the case the other day and I had to figure out what I was going to do. 

I still haven't decided how I feel about the whole scarf thing, I like them a lot, especially on other people but I can't ever get the cool shapes other people do. Even when I watch YouTube videos I don't get it. I always get into a rut and at that point they kind of seem pointless. Oh yeah, and a guy at college said that scarves on girls necks look like a gigantic tapeworm  I love college men.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


Deva Curl No Poo Cleanser

You all know that I am super happy to talk about curly hair. When I was younger I didn't get help with my hair and I had to figure out what was best for my hair. I spent so much money buy cheap, expensive, rare, you name it, I bought it to try and figure out what would work best for my curls. 

Although I wear my hair down most day, I don't always get it wet in my morning shower and I try and freshen up my curls with sprays or product. One of my favorite sprays is made my Deva curl and when I found out they were coming out with a new product....yes, I squealed. 

As a strategic communications major, can I just scream how much I love their consistent packaging, no matter what the product? Super, super love! 
You guys I will never, ever tell you something is good when I don't actually try it myself or fully believe in it. This literally has changed the way that I wear my hair on those days were I can't take the time to wash or rinse my hair. 

Normally when I wake up and don't have time to do my hair, I have to spray some product or mousse into my hair which can sometimes make your hair slightly crunchy. Not exactly a great look. What I did instead was simply spray sections of my hair with the quick cleanser and bam! Done!

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What I Wore: Outfit by Goodwill

Sweater: GAP(via Goodwill)/Top:Charlotte Russe(via Goodwill)/Jeans: Maker jeans/Shoes: Tj Maxx/Bag: Goodwill
I loved this sweater when I first got it, mainly due to the amazing price it was. Then my issue wast styling it because the neon is such a contrast and I couldn't decide what direction I wanted to go with it. I decided to just grab what I wanted to wear and bam, this is what I ended up with. 

Sometimes when I can't decide what I want to wear/am over thinking it, I grab two things that I really want to wear and try and just make it work. (I can't help but think of Tim Gunn when I say that) 

School has officially hit the "OMG, I AM GOING TO DIE IF I GET ONE MORE BIT OF HOMEWORK!" mode. Seriously, the semester was kind of slow at first and then BAM! 3 tests in a week and then story assignments for my major classes. So I apologize if I don't blog as much, I love you all.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Substitute teacher

Blazer: Forever 21/Top:Plato's Closet/Pants: Banana Republic/Jewerly: J Crew (Via Ebay)/ Shoes: Gift

I will never get rid of this shirt, even if Nina Garcia decided polka dots were out. (I adore her so that is saying quite a lot)
The night that the boyfriend helped me with these photos he was feeling a bit....ornery. So I have photographs of me yelling, putting on the jacket, bending over, pretty much anything but me actually looking at the camera. Naturally the ones of me falling over/picking up things were in focus but the ones of me smiling weren't. Funny how that works. Grrr. 

In other news, I swear that sometimes it is like a competition to look the worst to classes. I'm not talking about running around in running shorts, etc. I'm talking about you physically look like you spent time to look that bad. This one girl literally wore her cartoon pants to class. It is with this happening at 8a.m. classes that when I stroll into class wearing a blazer people think I am a substitute teacher. Twice, TWICE I got asked what I taught, if anyone asked me again I was going to make up some super deep major and then proceed to say whatever came into my head. Anyway, when people dress that badly to go to class I always want to dress up more, I of course have my days where I run around in gym shorts but come on! Put some effort into it!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share
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