What I Wore: Layers upon layers + Insecurity

Jeggings: Gap/Top: Banana Republic/Necklaces: Vintage, J Crew and a gift/Shoes:Fossil

While on Thanksgiving break I had a lot of time to relax and browse some of my favorite blogs to gain some inspiration for the rest of this month and next. I'm not going to lie, I am majorly running low on ideas through finals and then Christmas. I noticed that I really gravitated towards outfits that had layered baubles. Is it too much? Probably. Was it a really fun thing to wear? Yes. 

On another note, the reason I wear jeans so much is because I am very insecure about my legs. I love my strong calves but I hate my thighs, I have since I was a child. Sometimes when  I am posting these photos all I see are these large, thunder thighs. I'll admit I am not in the greatest shape of my life ( I am working on that) but my thighs have always been an issue. The reason why I either wear skirts, jeans or black pants is because I hate trying on pants, I try to detract from my legs. It's depressing to buy pants quite honestly. I hate it. So I know my outfits can be boring because I wear jeans or skirts a lot, it's how I deal with my insecurity.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: When Life Flies By

Dress:Old Navy (via Goodwill)/Tights: Nordstrom/Boots: Franco Sarto/Belt: Forever 21
I realize that you all probably tire of hearing me talk about school but I feel like this is a safe place and so we need to discuss some things. 
1) Every, single one of my teachers told me this week that their class "needs to take priority over every over class the rest of the semester." Oh hey, yeah that'll be no problem, I'll somehow do that for all 5 classes. Weren't teachers at one point where I am? Listening to them and thinking how impossible they are!?
2) I have been super stressed this week (see #1) so I have barely watched any TV but on Thursdays I just kind of collapse into bed after school and work and watch TV. I discovered Bridezillas. I know, it's so bad. So, so bad. So bad it is amazing and I can't help it. It's the greatest stress relieve ever. 
3)I have a final next Wednesday and then the next week I have another 3. How is it possible? It's just now gotten cold and seemed like fall and the semester is basically over. I get really melancholy and sentimental about the end of the semester for some reason (maybe to remember simpler times when I was less stressed?)
4) I go to New York in less than 24 days and I AM SO EXCITED! I already have my outfits planned and have a growing list of things I want to do. One of which is skate on Rockefeller center on Christmas Day.  
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What I Wore: Game Day Outfit

Top: Target/Vest: Gap/Scarf: Gap/Jeans: Gap/Shoes: Target

(Yes, these are the outtakes of when we take my outfit photos, I find at least 2-3 of these every single session.)
The boy and I got the chance to go to a KU Basketball game the other day. If you know anything about KU, you know that we are a basketball school. Hardcore. I had to work at the office during the day and didn't have time to change so I had to find something office appropriate but could easily transition into a game.
By the way, I am totally *that* girl who is screaming her head off, throwing her hands up the in the air (I have no idea why I am doing this, I just know that the rest of the crowd is mad so I need to also be) and losing her voice. I walked away from that game exhausted and without a voice. Oh also, I still don't understand the rules of basketball, all I know is that I need to scream when everyone else is screaming and pretending that I know why I am screaming. 
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What I Wore: The dress that fits like a glove

Eshakti contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a review for them. I literally had just finished reading Glamour magazine which they were featured in and completely flipped out (Ok, not completely but pretty much did a little bit of a white girl happy dance) I got so excited when I realized I could basically customize the dress to what I want. I spent entirely too much time playing around with the dress. 

Then I got the dress. You guys, I'm not just saying this, it feels like a freaking glove. I put it on for the first time and nearly fell asleep in this. It's soooo comfortable and ladies, the looks I got it in at school, well, it rocked. I got so many compliments on it. So try the out, play around. Enjoy!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


Reader Request: Purses under $100 + A break

1) Dorothy Perkins 2) Nordstrom 3) Piper Lime 4) ASOS 5) Nordstrom
Which one would you choose? 

This week is Thanksgiving and although I have to go to classes today and tomorrow, I am already on vacation mindset. I don't care about anything, I'm not about to do any actual studying or homework. The thought of it makes me want to gag. So.....have a great Thanksgiving guys! Thanks for supporting me every day!
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What I Wore: My most favorite dress, ever

There are certain occasions when you realize that you sometimes buy a dress for just one event. This was one of them. I love this dress. I love the back, I love the front, I love that it's so simple. Regardless of the weird glue on bra that I had to wear and then tape myself in to make sure that a nip slip didn't happen, it was worth it. Even if it took me 10 minutes to peel it all off of me. It was worth even single moment.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Chambray and Green

Flats: Fossil
Original source of inspiration: Green skirt + chambray
Oh sure, I'll just find a fabulous car to lean up against and basically change who I am for this outfit. Not a problem.
Reality: Life is messy, doesn't look like Pinterest and  I need to stop throwing leopard on everything like it's a magical thing that just fixes life. 
Chambray and Green
Skirt:Anthro/Shirt:Fortuity/Shoes: Fossil/Belt: Target
So....this skirt is from Anthro. Of course it's a magical store that makes everything in the most magical way and makes me want to buy doorknobs because they are just so darn pretty. Except that I can't afford 1,00 dollars for door knobs alone. So ladies (and the 1 male who reads this, the boyfriend) I GOT THIS SKIRT FOR $10. Yep, $10. Happy day. About once a year I hand over my bags and purse to the boyfriend and he sits down while I scour the entire store and sale rack. Once a year I actually get something that is $9.99. Once a year. Which means that about 15 times a year I fail all for that 1 blissful time. 
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What I Wore: A fall carnival

Top: Fortuity/Pants: Maker/Boots: BORN/Scarf and necklace: gift
I like rides. I love roller-coasters and all that jazz. What I do not love are machines that can be taken down and up within a day. I need serious nuts and bolts and permanence. The school student union has a carnival every year and this is the first year the boy and I have been able to go. The first ride....well.........I'm still dizzy and my neck still hurts from the jerking. So you could say I was not a fan. The rest of the entertainment and booths were really fun and Andrew even won a stuffed character for his dad. (Kenny from South Park) 

I have really been loving simple outfits lately and this outfit took a whole 5 minutes to put together. There is something so comfortable about everything and it's just warm enough to not having to wear a jacket over this. What have you been loving lately?

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What I Wore: Stress, zits, delle mele and the most wonderful time of the year


Dear Ladies (and boyfriend who reads this),
           I love you all so very much. I have had many times a "meh" day turned into a great day because of your comments alone. For that I can not express enough how grateful I am. Life is stressful, I realize that it doesn't get better when you are out of school but right now my main focus is JUST getting through the week and preparing for finals (already, I know, I don't know where the time went) so I am slacking on blogging. Sorry about that.

Sometimes my Italian teacher will randomly ask us questions to keep us on our toes. Ever since we learned how to say fruit and main courses I have basically answered every single question on a test or anything with Io mangio delle mele in mattina.  (I eat some apples in the morning) Without fail. I think my teacher thinks that I own an apple orchard because I am so devoted to eating SOME apples (read: more than one a day) However, that is the ONE freaking sentence that I have yet to mess up and by golly it is going on my final in some way or another.

Zits. I have pretty low maintenance skin but it gets a little rashy when I don't eat super great. Read: any time during a busy week when I don't eat right and am constantly on the go. I need to just freaking realize that if I take care of my body, it will take care of me. 

My life consists of homework, class, working, special time with my boyfriend that is most sacred and school cannot be mentioned, housework and then worrying about schoolwork. That being said, it is truly the most wonderful of the year. I can look back on the semester and see how much I have grown which is the ultimate motivator for me.

Finally, I got this outfit inspiration when I was browsing through random Google images while doing research.  I kind of love how when I don't think and I just let myself instinctively grab stuff sometimes it's awesome. I need to listen to myself more.

I love you all,

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What I Wore: Academic Elbow Patches + No Spend November

Sweater: Dorothy Perkins/Shirt:Fortuity/Pants: Maker/Boots: Dockers
Two things. The first, these are NOT leggings, they are black pants! I just want to clarify that although I have nothing against leggings, YOU NEED TO COVER YOUR BOOTY IN THEM! These are thick and warm black jeggings. These are not leggings. Just letting you know. I have a firm belief that leggings are wonderful things to be worn with responsibility and privilege. Basically, cover your tush ladies, no one wants to see that. I'm sorry but you needed to know. 

Second, I frigging love the elbow patch trend. It reminds me of a college teacher. Possibly because I watch entirely too much How I Met your Mother in which a character named Ted is a teacher and often wears elbow patches when teaches. Which makes me then feel smart, which is opposite of the truth so then I feel like I am posing as a smart person. Maybe I should do this on a test day and then I will perform better? 

On another note, I have decided that I am freaking going to STOP buying new clothes. I realized the other day that I couldn't justify any more clothing, I have so much and I have GOT to learn to work it all. I feel like blogging has helped and hurt me at the same time. I am inspired to remix clothes but it also has made me want more clothes! Have you found this to be true?   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Jumping on the peplum train+ a new blog look

Skirt: Forever 21 essentials/Top: The Limited/Shoes: BCBG/Tights: American Apparel 
Part of the reason why I didn't just on the peplum train about 4 months ago when I started seeing it was that everything peplum was expensive and I was too cheap/broke to buy one. So when I went into The Limited and I saw this peplum top for only $20 I gave in. OK,  I more accurately ran into the dressing room and loved it. So ever since then I have completely wanted to wear this top every single day. How long is this trend going to last? I need more peplum!

In other news, it's November and I can wear short sleeves! Can we all discuss how awesome that is? I love cool days of course but it's been so incredibly beautiful out in Kansas. I have been able to wear tights with short sleeves, sweaters and pretty much anything I want because of the great temperature. Also because of the amazing temperatures this weekend I basically just enjoyed the weather and did nothing. 

In other, other news, you may have noticed the blog got a bit of a face lift. The ever talented, epic and hilarious Melissa of Melissa Rose Designs customized one of her blog layouts for me. It was exactly what I wanted, simple, classic and I feel like it represents me! I cannot wait to get business cards and other branding based off this design. If you need a bit of a refresh definitely hit her up!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore:Sometimes you need a big hat

Shirt:Fortuity/Pants:Maker/Hat: Forever21 /Necklace:IN PINK/Shoes:BCBG
As you might have seen earlier, the day that I wore this outfit the weather said "slight wind" which apparently is code for KNOCK YOU DOWN WHEN YOU TURN THE CORNER! Ahem. So yeah...I wore this so that I wouldn't to do my hair...it ended up that I had to put it up into a ponytail and then just holding the hat.  It was soooo effective for hiding my hair. 

I just want to warn you that I love hats a lot and in the winter I wear them a lot. Like a lot, a lot. So be prepared for that. 

In other news I have had a horrible time getting rid of an infection that has been highly interruptive in my day, probably because I haven't managed to take all of my medication as often as I should so it has been my fault. But that's not relevant as I would say to Andrew when I know I am losing an argument. So anyway, I'm sorry I have not been as on top of things and will get back to you all!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


Things I have no rational need for but completely want.

I need to stop window shopping online. I've needed to do this for a while but I haven't. I justify this by saying that I am getting "inspiration" for outfits, accessories, etc. but really I'm just window shopping. Thankfully I do NOT buy online often at all, otherwise I would be completely broke. These things have made me question my philosophy of not buying very many items online. 
This Jacket from H&M
I may or may not be possibly be getting this over the weekend. Ever since I saw this on Pink Peonies I have been wanting one. Plus it's under $40!
Knitted Bow Scarf Chunky Neck Warmer Vanilla Latte (SCBW-04)
Via Etsy
How perfect is this bow? I need to learn how to
this! Anyone have any tips?
2013 Day Designer - A Yearly Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for the Creative Entrepreneur
Via Etsy
 Anyone want to buy me a Christmas present? I want this soooo badly for next year and next semester. Seriously, anyone? This girl looovvesss it.

Sequins, need I say more?
Sure it's from overseas and would be ridiculousness stupid to wear because it's so sparkly....but....IT'S SO SPARKLY! Plus apparently some big star from Europe or some place wore it so it's a bonus.

Oh my chic shirt
Do I need to say anything else?
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