What I Wore: Just call me bossypants

I swear I'm not drunk. However, during all photo shoots there is at least 4 photos like this. Apparently I really crack myself up. 

I'm sure that some of you  have picked up through my tone of writing that I am a bit sassy/bossy/total type A personality/super fun (in my very humble opinion), etc. Anyway, because of my general assertiveness and all around helpful can-do attitude, I generally am the group leader, the person who gets annoyed with all the people that can't make up their mind so I jump in and help, the person who does what other people don't want to do because I just want it to get done. Along with this however comes the issue of me being super impatient.

When I walk into a store I instantly know what I like and what I don't. I know that employees in stores are just trying to be helpful but I know what I want and when and where I want it. (Except with J. Crew employees, those people I love and adore) Due to this, my friends often ask me to go shopping with them because they always look in the mirror and can't decide what they want. (I have never had this issue) So I went shopping with a friend. And we shopped. And shopped. I totally get how people love being stylist. The feeling of convincing someone to put a something they wouldn't normally wear and then they love it is PRICELESS. If I felt like there was money in that career I would completely drop out of college and do that every single day. However, until the day that personal stylists/shopping stylists start paying enough to pay off college loans, I will stick to my major (strategic communications, aka: marketing, public relations, etc) 

Still though, I cannot thank my Mom and Dad enough for raising me to be super assertive aka Bossypants. It's one of the greatest things I think they have done for me. So thank you Mom and Dad. I'm sure that they completely regretted raising such a strong and assertive daughter (actually, all 4 of our are SUPER assertive) but it's made me who I am.  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: What I Wear When Traveling

So I'm blogging my travel outfit before I actually wear it because I know that my first day in New York is going to be overwhelming and I will forget to photograph it (I will post the actual outfit later. I'm going to give you a breakdown of what and why I am wearing each piece. (I'd just like to say that in NO way am I an expert, i just really, really try to stay comfortable and thought I would share how I do when traveling)
What to Wear When Traveling

What I DO wear:
Sheer top+Statement Sweater: Why? Both of these pieces are lighter than a sweater and comfortable. I never know what to expect the airplane temperature to be, especially in the winter, so I love wearing two light layers+a coat so I am prepared to for all weather. Plus I have an extra shirt for layering that I didn't have to pack on the way to my destination! 

What to Wear When Traveling

Boyfriend Jeans Rolled up: Why? These are my most comfortable jeans of all time. They work extremely well with boots and are durable and thicker than leggings or thin pants. I am obsessed with being comfortable when traveling. I have traveled in leggings but since the sweater doesn't cover my booty, see this post, I wore jeans)

Knee High Boots: Why these? Boots take up a lot of space in a bag, these are easy to zip on and off through security, plus I don't have to worry about them getting scratched up in my bag somehow, it's happened before. I really prefer to wear the largest pair of shoes, if possible, that I am going to bring on the whole trip. Sure, flats also work but they barely take any room in my bag. 

Accessories: I wear a watch and my special ring, nothing else. If one of these is missing I will know instantly, if I have an arm party going on I am probably not going notice it as soon. (If I wore studs I would probably wear earrings, however I do not have any)

What I do NOT wear:
Belts: I realize this is super simple and common sense but I somehow ALWAYS forget something like this. Remember, NO BELTS! Repeat after me! NO BELTS! (I know some people don't mind having to take that stuff off but I do; I want to remove all possible things that can slow the security screening process down.)

Jewelry: No earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nothing. I do not like taking a chance that I will set off security alarms. I know I will be that one that if I do wear a simple bracelet, SOMEHOW I will be the one to set it off. In fact, if you told me the security area wouldn't even be able to detect my small necklace, SOMEHOW, because it's me, it will detect me. Read this for further information.

Heels or Uggs: Why no Uggs? I traveled in them once. Unless you are going to Antarctica in a plane that doesn't have heat, you will probably sweat to death. I love my Uggs for their warmth but sometimes it's just too much for me. Heels, well if you need to know, well.....If you can rock some heels when traveling you are awesome and I bow down to you. I love me some heels but I cannot do it when traveling. 

Again I just want to say that I am NOT an expert, but figuring out what to wear on an airplane has always been hard for me. I'm positive that many of you are well seasoned travelers and this is old news but for those, like me who aren't, I wanted to share. Thanks for reading so much!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


Body Wash Review+Leaving For New York

I'm a strange person sometimes. I'm incredibly girly, it's kind of out of control sometimes. I'm however the least girly when it comes to maintenance. I get in the shower, shave, get out and when necessary, wash my hair. I wear only mascara and it takes me about a whole 60 seconds to apply it. 
Caress Body Wash

Caress Body Wash

Caress sent me a bottle of their new body wash the other day. I had a long day when I tried this. You know those commercials where the woman has just had a horrible day and then she has a piece of chocolate and life suddenly becomes unicorns and rainbows? I had that moment in the shower. I'm not a huge body wash fan but you guys seriously, I think that bottle oozes rainbows and unicorns. When I select fragrances I don't like to smell too flowery and I was worried originally that the scent would be overpowering. Instead what I found was the perfect floral scent that wasn't overpowering but wasn't weak. 

 It's fragrant, light, moisturizing and somehow just lets you relax just by opening the bottle and smelling it. Too much? Nope, just the truth. Throw it into someones stocking this Christmas, truth me, they will love it. 

P.S. It smells SO similar to a certain bath and body brand that is wayyyy more expensive. Trust me, it's that good. 

P.P.S. I LEAVE FOR NEW YORK IN 3 DAYS!!!  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: The end of the semester reflections

Sequin Sweatshirt Layered with Zara Top

Sequin Sweatshirt with Boyfriend Jeans and Heels
Jeans: Gap/Shoes: Foxtrot (BCBG)/Sweater: Banana Republic/Shirt: Zara/ Polish: A to Z-urich from OPI
Sequin Sweatshirt, Boyfriend jeans, Zara Shirt, Opi Polish

Sequin Sweatshirt, College
I think I was laughing and spit or something super awesome like that. I painted my nails which is a rarity . I know, I am such an awesome person who posts ONLY the most flattering photos of myself, ever.

Lessons Learned: *It pays to be that student who is at every class, asks questions and pays attention. I got extra credit points in Italian due to this. I got laughed at and many, many eye rolls for my constant questions but it was worth it.*
*Blogging this semester has helped me manage stress so much, you all have been there for me during midterms, confessions, tears and other emotions you don't even know about. You all mean so much to me.*
*I have the best boyfriend ever. He knows exactly what I need before I even know I need it*
*A great teacher makes all the difference*
*A smile, even when feeling down, can turn your whole day around when you realize what a difference it makes*
*I did my best on ever single test I took, I need to realize that all I can expect of myself is that*
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What I Wore: It's Over

Boyfriend Jeans for Winter

Boyfriend Jeans and Preppy Sweater

Boyfriend Jeans and Preppy Sweater
I firmly believe that the saying "Dress well, test well" is somewhat true. Plus it's been about 60 degrees this entire finals week so I have no excuse for not at least putting any effort into my outfit. 
These boyfriend jeans are from Gap and if I could write an infomercial about anything in the world it would probably be these jeans. First off, they are the boyfriend cut which is known as heave on earth. Second, the jeans feel like you have worn them for two years. I do NOT wear jeans all day long because I cannot get comfortable and study in them. As soon as I am done with my day I run into my bedroom and change into yoga pants. Not with these jeans though! The only issue is that they look kind of strange when unrolled but I feel like it's a small price to pay for the most heavenly jeans ever. 

I think I have worn these jeans more than any other thing this week. You are about to be bombarded with posts of me in them.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: 35 outfits later

I kid you not when I saw I tried on 35 outfits. I stopped counting after 30 but I tried on at least 8 more after that. Why the insane amount of outfits? Perhaps because it was one of those days where nothing felt right, it was cold or that I had to be photographed for a national website campaign about technology and fashion. If you went with that last reason. You are smart. If not, you are also smart, I am all about win-wins. 
Pants: Gap/Sweater: Forever 21/Top:Target/Shoes:Born/Necklace:In Pink
Plus then you realize that your fashion internship coordinator (aka boss lady) is going to see your style and well, that just puts a whole new level of pressure on you. Then I got an email from her, she LOVED it. WAHOO! 
I'm getting ready for finals right now. Which is really crazy because the weather is still somewhat in the 60's and 50's so it is throwing me off that it's the end! Keep your fingers crossed for me. This weekend I am writing some papers, editing and studying my booty off!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: My Style Crush + First Day of Finals

Winter Maxi Skirt, Beanie, Gap Belt and Striped Shirt

Winter Maxi Skirt, Beanie, Gap Belt and Striped Shirt
Top and Skirt: Target/ Belt: Gap/Beanie: The North Face
Winter Maxi Skirt, Beanie, Gap Belt and Striped Shirt

Winter Maxi Skirt, Beanie, Gap Belt and Striped Shirt
I think I have a style crush. Sydny (Which I am sure that most of you all know) and her adorable family actually. Lately when I have free time I have gone waayyy back on her blog and basically pinned every single one of her outfits. The girl can do no wrong, even if she could do something wrong it wouldn't even look wrong. She's the reason that I decided that a long, black maxi skirt with a bright belt and beanie is cool. I wasn't sold on the beanie before. Now I kind of want to buy about 5 and wear them every day. 

Anyway, I wore this for a super laid back day. I loved that I didn't have to shave my legs to wear a skirt (Let's be honest people, it's winter people) (I have no shame)and was able to be really comfortable. You may wonder why in December I am able to wear this outfit without a coat. It was 70 degrees out when I wore this. YES, 70 degrees. It was weird to walk out of the office I work in after hanging Christmas ornaments and then not having to wear any jacket at all!

New York is getting closer day by day and I CANNOT WAIT. Sorry, ahem. I'm a little excited. 

Today I have TWO finals, one in the early morning and then the evening. Please, please keep your fingers crossed for me. They are two of my hardest subjects for me (math and Italian) and I am sooo nervous about it. The rest of the week is less stressful but I'll be a little MIA around the blog world.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Apparently I'm sassy

Sweater: Gap/Skirt: Target ($5, yes, $5!)/ Pantyhose: Nordstroms/Shoes: Gift/ Necklace: Bauble Bar

While working on my final project for a class I had to write a story about something I am interested in as well as create a complementary video. I decided that I wanted to write about resale shops like Plato's Closet and others in our college town. When I went to talk to the owner one of the first things he said to me was, "You're a confident dresser!" Which is kind of funny that he said it because I was soooo nervous about the interview so I dressed extra spunky. 

So after that ego boost I had what I thought was one of the greatest interviews ever, one of the store employees told me I look sassy. Yes, sassy. My day was completely made, I was told within an hour I was confident and sassy. Day made. 

I submitted my final story and video to my teacher yesterday, I hope that he finds it as interesting as I found it was to write the story. If he does find it interesting it's getting published in the school newspaper before finals. Trust me, if that happens you will have an entire post of me jumping up and down about the news.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Awesome, just awesome

Pants: Gap/Top: Fortuity/Shoes: Nine West, Belt: Target 

Twas the week before finals and all through the city of Lawrence, screams of panic and tears were abounding. Not a college student in sight wasn't worried about the week of December 10-14th. Alcohol sales abounded, pizza delivery has increased probably 90% and the library is considered a home address since we never leave it. These are the days. Yay. Can't wait for them to be over. 

You may remember that I did an epic denim on denim outfit and well, I did NOT like it. This time I feel a little bit better about it thanks to this inspiration. Sydney is kind of my style crush right now. Her winter outfits are always spectacular and manage to balance fashion and warmth.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share
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