Winter Skin Favorites

*I'm taking a 7 a.m. final today so I have the always gorgeous Maya guest posting for me today. She is a constant source of inspiration, humor and makes me feel like a million bucks with her Instagram cat-calls.*  Enjoy! 

I'm excited to be taking a break from my corner of the internet at Charmingly Styled to guest post for Alissa while she's studying up a storm during finals week! I've always been a big fan of The Adored Life {as I'm sure you all are too!}, so it's great to be stopping by and sharing a few of my favorite cold weather skin cures. 

Even after living in the Midwest for my whole life, I'm still in shock this time of year when I realize just how cold it really is {it's really quite the rude awakening}. Between the sub zero temperatures and the brutal Chicago wind, these 5 products give me just enough moisture to kick the winter to the curb...or, as far to the curb as possible :)

rosebud salve - say hello to happy lips all winter long! Besides saving my lips from the ultimate chapped weather, rosebud salve has the prettiest tint - perfect for everyday or date night adventures. 

one love organics skin savior - I'm boarder line obsessed with OLO, and there skin savior is my ultimate go - to. The salve smells amazing and works as both a make-up remover and moisturizer {products that do double duty are doubly nice!}. 

lush skin drink - the ultimate moisturizing pot of goodness, I'm a huge fan of lush's mission and their all natural products. This concoction saves my skin from some seriously sad winter weather. 

kiehls 24 hour moisture lotion - yep, 24 hours is a good good thing when it comes to hydrating your skin. We all already knew Kiehls was the best, but here's even more proof!

s.w. basics shea cream - my sweet amiga Alyssa sent a few s.w. basics products my way this fall, and I've become a convert to their amazing products. 3 ingredients, all natural, and so so good! This shea cream is the last shea cream you'll ever need - plus, it's so big it'll last forever!

Thanks for letting my stop by and play Alissa! Good luck on your finals, you'll kill 'em per usual :)

xx, Maya  


  1. I'd love to try the skin savior - sounds amazing!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I've never tried any of the Lush products, but I've heard they are great!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. i want to try the lush products! thanks for this post! I missed all my fave blogs including yours :"(



  4. I want to try that Rosebud Salve!

    Good luck with your final today!

  5. Good luck on your final! I've always wanted to try Skin Drink!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. Winter is definitely taking a toll on my skin too! Thanks for the product suggestions Maya!

    Runway Chef

  7. I've always wanted to try a moisture mist like that! ps - I'm SO IMPRESSED you are blogging during your finals...you crazy girl!

  8. I always say I'm going to buy that Rosebud Salve, and I never do it! As a fellow Chicago girl, I'm taking your advice seriously! You obviously know cold!


  9. ah, skin drink is so great! i used to swear by lush products... now it's a pleasure to afford them! haha.

    lindsey louise


  10. I have been using Rose Bud Salve since I was a wee one. My Granny always had it and it's is definitely a tried and true product everyone needs. Thanks for sharing these other must haves...need to check them out!! :)

  11. Thanks for letting me stop by your fabulous blog Alissa! Hope you're killin' those finals lady! xx


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