No Shopping in February Challenge

No Shopping Challenge
My closet, currently filled to the brim.
There are several reasons why I want to do this. This first is that February is the shortest month of the year and I feel like I can make it 28 days. Second, I don't freaking have time to shop and I keep doing it, school comes first! Third, I really, really need to save money for my college tuition this summer

I have clothes that I don't wear and it's ridiculous that I keep buying things when I don't even wear everything I own. I am going to try and break out of this problem by pulling those items and wearing them. Why do I need another sweater when I have 3 that I never wear? 

1. Wear clothes that I never wear and have just been sitting in my closet. These clothes in particular i need to wear. Shop my own closet. 
2. Stop wasting time and concentrate on homework. 
3. Realize how much I think about shopping and learn to stop. 
4. Find a non shopping challenge buddy for support......whose in? 

So...whose in? I know this isn't for everyone but I would love for those of us who are going to try to be able to emailing and give support!   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Pushing the Limits on the Last Day

I wore this outfit on the last day of my old job. I had it in my closet hidden away sight and couldn't remember why.Well, it's really short, but it has a BOW on it. I mean, sure, I couldn't bend over properly to be sure I am not flashing anyone, but it has a freaking BOW on it.

Forever 21 black and white dress with bow
Dress: Forever XXI/ Top: Gap PURE/Shoes: BCBG/Jewelry: Gifted

Forever 21 black and white dress with bow

Me as I was getting ready: 
"I should probably change my dress. It's really short."
"I already have my hose on and it's a lot of effort to take them off. Like a lot of effort"
"Screw it. What are they going to do? Fire me for too short of a dress on my last day."
"Screw it. I'm wearing it." 
And that is how I ended up wearing an entirely too short of dress that I couldn't bend over in.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Part 2

I am glad to know that I am definitely not the only one who grew up with that movie, you all restored my faith in humanity with your intense outpouring of fond memories of watching it. By the way you can purchase here on DVD. (I may have bought it when I discovered that)

Hi guys, I'm just standing here, looking perfectly normal.
 Laughing hysterically at myself.
 No biggie.
Dress: Cremieux/Tights: American Eagle/Boots: Dillard's/Necklace: J. Crew

This horse printed dress was just too fun to turn down! It goes perfectly with the blazer I wore last week. This is about as country as I will ever get. Period. 

And I leave you with this dazzling quote from Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken:
Marie: You poor thing. Who does your hair?
Sonora: Well I do.
Marie: Sonora, you have to be extremely careful with your appearance. I mean, having no natural beauty of your own you really need to help yourself. 

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What I Wore: Ch..Ch...Ch..Changes

Bright Pencil Skirt and Black Top
The beginning of the semester is always crazy. I always stress out when I first see the syllabus for the first time, freak out the first day because I am overwhelmed, etc. Throw in some serious PMS issues like I had, well, you have the perfect storm of everything that could make a woman crazy. Well this year in addition to having the normal pre-semester stress, I got a new job. Yes, today I start a new job AND the semester. 
Bright Pencil Skirt and Black Top
I did a massive happy dance when I found out the good news. Actually it may have been more of a dance party. A very awkward dance party. The belt got a little wonky because of it.
Bright Pencil Skirt and Black Top
Top:Banana Republic Via Goodwill/Skirt:Target/ Knee Socks:Foxtrot/ Shoes:Nordstoms/
 Jewelry:InPink/ Purse:Michael Kors/ Belt:Forever XXI/ Hat:TJ Maxx.
I have accepted a job with the KU Marketing Communications as photo editor for KU and other clients. This is a huge step towards working in strategic communications as I will be working with clients to help establish brand continuity and quality. I am extremely excited for this opportunity and am incredibly lucky to have this job. 

P.S. This is my happy dance that my boyfriend managed to capture. I'm pretty sure I am jumping at this moment, I had just gotten off the phone with my future boss. 
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What I Wore: An Unexpected Combination

Guys, this happens to me every day, that ONE freaking curl that falls in the middle of photos and completely ruins it! Sigh. 
After I returned to Lawrence to get settled in before the semester starts, I unpacked, did laundry and began to think about anything but actual school. I did force myself to order my books so I should get points for that, I know so many people who order them during the first week of school, the three bookstores on campus that we have are complete chaos! This weekend I am going to get all of the notebooks and other things I know I will need but let's not think about that. 

Anyway, as I was putting things away I noticed that I hadn't wore these cargo, green pants and wanted to channel my inner Atlantic Pacific and really pull out something bright and cheery for some stark contrast. After a quick check on Twitter to get the general consensus (thanks Lydia and Libby!) was to combine pink with it. 

I'm not going it lie, I kind of freaking love how it turned out. I feel like it injected my whole week with a shot of color and for this dreary Kansas week I need all the color injections I can get.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Equestrian Blazer Outfit

Equestrian Blazer Outfit

When I was younger there was a Hallmark movie called Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken that we recorded on VHS. That movie was one of my favorite movies for years, I mean there was a horse AND a hot guy! What more could an 11 year old want? The premise is that a rejected and basically unwanted girl during the depression stumbles onto a traveling circus act where a girl jumps on a horse form a high, high platform into a pool. She falls in love with one of the trainers, Al is his name,...etc. But there is one huge, huge twist which I will not give away! Anyway, since it's Hallmark obviously everything works out great and they make out in the rain. Making out in the rain is a requirement in my book for a good movie.

 I have high standards for good movies. Clearly. 

Anyway, as soon as I saw this blazer with the horse lining I instantly turned into that 11 year old girl and I knew I had to get it. As soon as I saw it all of my favorite lines from the movie came back into my head. I closed my eyes and imagined I was Sonora as Al trained with me on a beautiful hose. Plus it's Cremieux and I happened to have gotten it  for over 75% off. (That may have had a lot to do with it.) Yeah, that definitely had a lot to do with it, a $150 blazer for like $25? I mean, I would have been crazy and definitely had my blogger card taken away for me if I DIDN'T get it.

Ok, good. 

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What I Wore: Lumberjack meets Grandma

Flannel outfit with beanie cap

Flannel outfit with beanie cap

Flannel outfit with beanie cap
Top: Forever 21/Banana Republic/Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: Nordstroms/Beanie: North Face
Flannel outfit with beanie cap
This is one of those outfits where you are bound and determined to wear an outfit that you haven't worn before, but decided to put it together at midnight. 
I feel like I am a mix of grandmother meets lumberjack meets pigtails. Actually all three of these words were how my nephew described my outfit when he saw it. "Nice Grandma shoes you got there Alissa" was his exact quote. There is something that is so grandma like about these shoes that they make me nostalgic for when both of my grandmothers were alive and lived within 30 minutes of me. I never really appreciated that when I was young, but now I realize how lucky I was to see both of them at least once a week. 

 I got super excited when I realized it was raining when we were taking these photos, I have a serious problem with taking photos in the rain and jumping.
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What I Wore: My 22nd Birthday!

I turned 22 yesterday. As a child I wasn't super big into birthdays, but as an adult I realize that I am for sure not getting any younger and I had better enjoy these birthdays while I am young!
Cobalt top with J Crew Sequin skirt
Skirt: J. Crew Collection Via Goodwill/Top: H&M/Tights: American Apparel
Note: I fixed the top to where the violet didn't show. I was so mad I didn't catch that when we took these photos. 
Cobalt top with J Crew Sequin skirt

I bought this skirt at Goodwill for $6 earlier this year and it was a J. Crew Collection skirt. Let me say that again, I got a J. Crew Collection for $6 at Goodwill. I was so excited when I bought it but I haven't had the excuse to wear it yet. I figure birthdays are a go big or go home type of event and completely worthy of sequins and some bold color. The actual skirt has a lot of purple and violet tones but I saw almost an identical skirt on a mannequin in NYC and it paired cobalt with it.

As you may have seen in this post, I majorly wanted a Jayhawk ice cream cake. As the boyfriend always does, he came through and got me exactly what I wanted. It was freaking delicious. 

Vanilla Birthday Cake
Saturday evening we went out to dinner with my family for dinner and then we joined the boyfriends family for dessert. This cake was super delicious.

This upcoming weekend I will be also celebrating so I will be sure to share photos from that!
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Pink tunic and black pants
Pants:J Crew Factory/Top:Forever 21/Shoes: TJ Maxx/ Purse: Michael Kors
Pink tunic and black pants
I mean, just in case you didn't know, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO DAYS. January 13th, 2013 is when I turn the amazing age of 22. I realized last year that the biggest milestone I have next is when I can rent a car at the age of 25 and also when my insurance goes down. Growing up is just soooo exciting. 

As an adult birthdays are a super big deal to me, mostly because I freaking love cake. Everything on your birthday tastes better, especially cake. You know what tastes even better? ICE CREAM CAKE! I have *strongly* hinted to the boyfriend that I want an ice cream cake with a gigantic Jayhawk on the center of it. 

*Strongly* hinted. 

This year for my birthday I am enjoying an all day spa retreat at a medical spa where I will get a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and another treatment, going out to dinner with family and most likely hanging out with a few friends. I'm a fan of laid back birthdays so long as everyone knows how excited I am about my birthday. SO GET EXCITED PEOPLE! 
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What I Wore: Target+Neiman Marcus+ Too Much Hype= Disaster

Target for Neiman Marcus Rag and Bone Sweater
Top: Targe: Rag and Bone/Shirt: TJ Maxx/Pants: J Crew Factory/ Shoes: TJ Maxx
Target for Neiman Marcus Rag and Bone Sweater

I, like you probably, was very excited when I saw the commercials for the much anticipated NM+Target collaboration that hit the stores early December. I didn't rush into the store but a few days later I had to pick something up so I wandered to the display.

 Holy. Freaking. Cow. Batman. 

My head was spinning. Why is there a Oscar De La Renta dog bowl but no clothing from him? Tory Birch did a lunch pail and canister both which cost at least $40? Why are Jason Wu dresses for little girls $60? Wait, they think I am going to pay $500 for a bike at Target? This men's sweater is $70 and feels like sandpaper? I'M SO CONFUSED ABOUT LIFE! 

I have no issues with Target clothing, I love them. When they had Isaac Mizrahi I adored it, I still have some of that clothing because it was quality. My issue is this, the collection was so heavily advertised, so hyped that whenever you see that beautiful, but horribly made, Lela Rose dress that was $100, everyone knows you got it at Target.

 I love Target, but when I spend that much money I like to shop at stores I consider nicer than Target. I realize that for those who regularly shop at Neiman Marcus, this is a great buy for something that is made of QUALITY and is unique. For those of us who don't have that money but still expect even a little bit of quality in clothing, it was sad. 

This point is even more proven when you realize that they marked it down to 70% this week, those that DID buy the collection at $100 for a dress, (which had HORRIBLE reviews)  I would think feel a little miffed since the collection was never supposed to go on sale. The collection was so marketed that everyone knows where that dress came from, which again, is not always a bad thing, but we all know it was from the failed Target+Neiman Marcus collection that no one bought until it was on sale. 

The sweater that I bought is actually a men's. Can we be honest about it? It feels like sandpaper. It feels like $20  (originally $70) sandpaper and is already having issues. I feel bad for those people who bought the sweater at $70 and realize when they go to buy milk and eggs, oh hey, your really horrible sweater is now 70% and probably going to go even lower. I got it for $20 and regret it, it's cheap feeling and a disappointment.

The bottom line is this, it sucked and make zero sense. For those who shop at Target, it was completely out of touch with their consumers, below their quality standards and quite frankly, was a complete disconnect. Sure I want stuff that Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs created but do I really want Jason Wu ornaments? A Derek Lam skateboard? Why did Oscar De La Renta design a dog bowl but not a dress? Why was the purse he designed so bad? For those who shop at Neiman Marcus, they bought clothing that was never supposed to go on sale, the clothing quality from their favorite brands was below that of a grocery store/clothing store  which competes with Walmart. The whole point in my mind of shopping at Neiman Marcus is that you are buying something that not just everyone will have.  

P.S. Time Magazine wrote about it here as well as Fashionista and Business Insider did as well  photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I wore: My Boyfriend Doesn't Get Me

Black and tan dress
Dress:Gift/Shoes: Nordstrom/Tights: Nordstrom/Jewelry:J Crew
Black and tan dress

Me: "Babe, I feel so lost as a blogger. I can't figure out what my style is and it's really making me sad!"

Him: "Oh wow! Those kids in Africa that are starving really must feel horrible for you and your sense of being lost in your style!" 

Me:"This is SO going on my blog that you don't get me!"

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I have a blog to discuss fashion issues with people who get it.    photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: What to Wear to a Winter Basketball Game

What to Wear to a Basketball Game

What to Wear to a Basketball Game
Yes, I know it's cold out. It was SUPER nice when we went to this game plus I jump up and down at games so long sleeved shirts/sweaters make me sweat too much. 

Here's the great thing about basketball: KU is great at it and the games are amazing, filled with energy and sound barriers are broken. 

Here's the horrible thing about basketball: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT EXCEPT WHEN TO YELL. I talked about this earlier in the season but once again I just want to point out that all I know is when to yell. However, I am not convincing enough to Andrew that I know what I am talking about when I discuss basketball, I am somewhat convinced that chicks think I know enough to get by.  

Due to this fact, I kind of want to write a book for women on how to BS and wing it through sporting events when you have absolutely no idea what is happening. I feel like it could be a national best seller. The New York Times will revel in its profound nature. 

Or I could just go and watch The Office and eat cookies. 

These cookies are good.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share


What I Wore: A Snowy New Year's Eve

Jacket:Mustard Mood @ Britches/Pants: J Crew Factory/Blue sheer top: H&M/Necklace: gift/Shoes: borrowed from a friend

I realize that 2013 and NYE and all that have happened a few days ago but I have been super busy. Sorry about that! This New Year's Eve was a lot like last years. The boyfriend was sick and we weren't able to go anything or go out anywhere, in fact, that evening I felt like I had a sore throat and went to bed at 8 p.m.
(Yes, I party HARD for New Year's Eve) 

I did manage to go to dinner with my mother and sisters that evening, at which my mother promptly stared at my jacket and said I looked like Michael Jackson, which is apparently the worst thing someone could look like to her. I personally was rather flattered and took it as an invitation to see if I could moonwalk across the parking lot. Which I found out was icy and snowy. Oh also, I can't moonwalk. 
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What I Wore: Why I will now pack differently

Both tops: Target/Jeans: Gap/Boots: Franco Sarto/Bag: Michael Kors
I feel like for this being the 3rd day that I am wearing this outfit I am kind of rocking it. Then again, I don't have that much experience with bags being lost for 3 days and having to wear the same outfit over and over again.  
You guys know this brilliant post I wrote about my reasoning for what I pack into a carry-on bag. I forgot about one essential thing, what if your bag gets lost and you don't have it for two days? GUESS WHAT??? I figured that out really fast. When we flew to our connection Chicago was getting snow and our flight got redirected to Dallas. Our original flight was delayed which cut it super close to the departing time of our connection. Guess what? Somehow, the connection had a delay (HALLELUJAH!) and as we just arrived into the airport, guess what! 

 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY A DELAY GOT CANCELED.  AGAIN, A DELAY GOT CANCELED. How does that even happen? We all ran there and made it as they were closing the door. Our baggage was not so lucky. It got lost. Majorly lost. I got majorly mad. Majorly mad. Can I stress how much that made me mad? It was about midnight, I hadn't eaten and I WANTED MY DANG CLOTHES!  You would think that this is a great thing, I can just shop my way through NYC. My ultra wonderful boyfriend had a jam packed schedule, every moment from 6am to midnight the entire week was packed. 

Long story short, we got our bags, I did a teeny bit of shopping and we were bam, bam, bam moving. So you will see the outfits that I wore...just sadly without the NYC background. I am sure that I will share more details with you but right now I am still drained. 

Anyway, from now on, I am throwing a pair of undies into my carry-on, mascara and a disposable toothbrush. Thank you H&M for $1.99 undies. I just realized that I bought a pair of super normal underwear from H&M for $7.99, which isn't the end of the world but I swear to God they were under the $1.99 rack. Grrr.

Thank you.  So that was the trip TO NYC. 

Guess what?

The airline managed to not make our actual plane reservations which resulted in the boyfriend and I having to spend the night in Denver, AGAIN NO CLOTHING BECAUSE THEY SWORE EVERYTHING WAS JUST GREAT, and then the next day fly home. You know what the kicker was? 
Thank you United, I cannot, and I do mean cannot, wait to call you about this.   photo Sig-09_zps87ca91c7.png Share
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