My 5 Minute Morning Skincare Regime

I am the laziest person ever when it comes to skincare and makeup. If it takes more than five minutes to do anything to my face, I will give up halfway through. Really I only care about  my face being protected when it comes to skincare, period. Overall I am a mascara and lipstick kind of girl. Although I will always love looking at eyeshadow palettes and pretending that I can do anything with them other than give myself a makeup black eye.  I also despise how much I sweat in the summer which is another reason I want a no-fuss regime in the morning, hence my 5 minute morning skincare.

My 5 Minute Morning Skincare +Makeup

The only thing I really care about is my mascara. I have never found a mascara that does everything I want it to do. I’ve spent years finding my perfect combination and I’ve finally perfected it. My perfect lash combination is this and this.

Layering a lengthening + volume mascara is what has worked for me, but it only works if I layer it in a specific way. The lengthening mascara is always my first layer and when it comes to the sides of your lashes, use the brush it fan it out. Then I put on my voluminous layer and boom! Bat those eyelashes!

Once I’m done I just use these pointed q-tips to clean up the inevitable mess. I cannot apply mascara without looking like a minor crime scene on my face. 

Right after I do my eyelashes I use Boy Brow to shape my eyebrows and basically I find out if I am going to have a good day or not based on how well my eyebrows turn out. Please tell me I am not the only one like this.

Then I apply moisturizer, allow it to try about 30 seconds and apply my sunscreen.


Every evening I use my cleanser and ensure that all of my mascara is off and I’m done! If I had to do anything else I’d probably despise getting ready for bed even more than I do. I always want to just go to bed and skip taking anything off.

5 Minute Morning Skincare

My favorite Glossier Items

If you’ve never used Glossier before, you can get 20% off by clicking here! Oh and bonus? I can get $10 off my next purchase which as you can clearly see, I will need all the discount help I can get.

5 Minute Morning Skincare

Invisible Shield SPF 35 – This is their newest item and I love it! I never sign up to be on the wait-list for anything, but the moment I found out about it I added myself. I despise how oily and heavy most sunscreens are. This is the lightest, best smelling sunscreen I have ever had! It’s a little expensive, but you don’t use very much at all so you get your money out of it.

Boy Brow I used to fill in my brows with powder. However, that meant I had to fill in and then use a brush to shape them. Boy Brow takes take of my filling needs with a light and natural look, using just one tool!

Milky Jelly Cleanser – I use this to take off my mascara at night and it’s the perfect cleanser for my skin. It’s hydrating but not heavy and has the best cooling feeling I’ve found in my admittedly few cleansers I’ve used.  I think I go through one every four months since I use so little of it. Don’t freak out about the price! You’ll spend about as much on this as you will for a store brand cleanser in that time.

Super Pure – I love using this when my skin gets a little out of whack. I use it when I am noticing a little redness or when I haven’t hydrated enough.

I am by no means an expert at skincare, clearly.  What I know is that I am low-maintenance and I love my routine. I can’t tell you the amount of 5 am flights I’ve had to get up at 3:45 am for and been thankful I only had to spend 5 minutes on my skin and still feel like a human. Also, at 26, I am realizing that I need to truly lock-in the right skincare! Stress is suddenly starting to show!

What are your favorite items? I know so many of you blog about your favorite skincare stuff so link me to a post so I can share!