5 Self-Care Ideas under $30

I’m sorry, but please raise your hand if you are tired of every single day of 2017 feeling like a dumpster fire.  Just once I would like to read the news and not be terrified of what is going to happen to people. I didn’t think that was too much to ask but maybe it is. Sometimes social media makes me feel like I’m NOT alone but then at the exact same time makes me feel like everything is just the worst. It’s the definition of can’t live with it and can’t live without it. I cannot tell you how incredibly important it is that if you are feeling like I have been, you need to still make time for yourself and practice some self-care.

So… raise your hand if you are like me and didn’t understand what self-care was until like, six months ago. Just me? Oh. I kind of thought that it was actually just a buzz-phrase and would go away. Turns out self-care is actually super important and definitely something that is not a trend. However, after Googling “self-care ideas” several times I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to just sit still and meditate like most of the articles wanted me to do. (Side note: who actually can meditate and not end up thinking about like pizza or something?) Self-care is such a personal thing. It’s even hard to write about because who am I to say what works for me will work for you?

This is why I’m writing this post; I don’t enjoy most things that relax people. Massages are boring to me. I hate having someone touch me for an hour in silence as I just deal with my non-stop brain. Plus, I felt ridiculous saying, “Oh, can’t, tomorrow is my self-care day” and be met with completely blank stares. I travel frequently for work (think twice this month so far) and it’s been harder to find what exactly makes me decompress. Even harder? Finding the time for self-care and prioritizing that time.

5 Self-Care Ideas under $30

  1.  $0. Go an entire weekend without social media – I never really thought of this as being self-care to basically disconnect from the digital world, but I once didn’t have the internet for an entire weekend (read: minor (major) freakout) and it was the most amazing feeling. I turned on some music and I organized the heck out of my life. It’s amazing how many things I get done when I’m not distracted with checking-in or liking things. Plus I go to bed early and it makes waking up on Monday morning SO much easier. Also, I really cannot stress HOW important it is that you do a sanity check right now. Sometimes you just need some silence. Nothing is going to break because you took some time to yourself. I promise you.
  2. $10. Chipotle + Netflix + Bubble bath + No Phone – Okay I’m not saying that I eat Chipotle while taking a bubble bath (I have not). What I am saying is that Chipotle, before, during or after, a long soak in a bubble bath (LOVE this bubble bath) is like 10 times better. If I’m not able to spend a lot of money, no problem!  I’ll spend an afternoon of just Netflix and chill with myself .
  3. $30-ish. Get your nails done (in silence) – I used to feel incredibly obligated to go in and chat the person up who was doing my nails and it wasn’t relaxing after a week of being social. One day I decided to walk-in, pick out my polish, straight up tell the nail tech that I justed wanted to just listen to my podcast and not talk. She smiled and said that she appreciated me telling her what I wanted. The result? I enjoy a silent 30 minutes,  listen to podcasts while my phone is on Do Not Disturb and my nails look pretty. This is my absolute favorite self-care because it results in me feeling pretty, I get to relax in my own way and I don’t feel pressure to have small talk. In Wichita, Kansas I go to Kissy Nails and highly recommend their services.
  4.  $15. Pamper Yo Self– Forget new year, new year. Give me a Sephora mask, some Glossier products and 30 minutes later I feel like a human goddess that cannot be brought down or affected by anything in the world.
  5. $30. Take Yourself on a Date– Okay, now this one was a little weird for me but I realized that sometimes you just have to date yourself. Sometimes that means going to a local bookstore across the street and eating a pastry while browsing cookbooks. Sometimes it means going on walks by myself with a podcast and then curling up and watching a movie later. Whatever sounds good in that moment that I am being mindful is what I do.

I realize that not being married or having kids means that a lot of people think I have a lot more free time . First off, that is a total lie. I am doing with my time is constantly trying to work my tell off. What they don’t see is that I am working through lunches, working in the evenings, busy with blogging, etc. We all have our own time challenges and I don’t think that any single person has an advantage for being able to practice self-care. The issue is that you just have to make time for it. My favorite quote to tell people who aren’t sure why self-care is important is this,

“Love yourself as much as you love others in your life.”

Everyone is going to have their own version of self-care. The important thing is that you do it. I really encourage you to find a way to make time for yourself. In the word’s of Drake, “Know yourself, know your worth.” You are worth this time and you are worth finding out what makes you happy.