I had 72 Hours Free So I Redid My Whole Blog

Top (wearing a large)/Skirt (similar)/Earrings

If you’re wondering if I updated the blog just to be able to say “new year, new blog,” you are ish-right. No, what really happened was that I’ve been unhappy with the state of the blog since about October. When I switched from Blogger to WordPress I thought that was going to be exactly what I wanted. I kept trying to put my finger on what was “off.” Then it came to me.

Top (wearing a large)/Skirt (similar)/Earrings

The blog was safe. It was pink and polka dots, things I’m known for. While I was putting out very heart-felt content, I was using elements of who I was previously. Yes, I still love pink and polka dots, but it’s not who I am at almost 27. It was perfect for 24 year old me. However, current me is more refined and prefers a slightly more clean approach to things. I’ve been blogging for five years and I’ve changed so much. I needed to make the blog reflect that.

So then it came to me. Just design a logo. Find a template and try to customize as much as possible. Test. Redo all content on pages. Oh and do all of this in 72 hours over a holiday weekend. Sure, why not? What could go wrong? Thankfully, it went very well and my friends and family were very understanding about why I ignored their messages for hours. (OKAY FINE NO ONE ACTUALLY WAS TEXTING ME.)

Top (wearing a large)/Skirt (similar)/Earrings

What’s New

  • A logo – I haven’t had a logo since 2013 and I realized I really missed it. I wanted it to be simple, clean but also establish some credibility with how long it’s been around.
  • There’s no pink – This is a huge departure from what I’m known for. Honestly, I feel wonderful about it. Although it’s subtle, there’s touches of emerald which is my all-time favorite color.
  • New About Me – The previous one hadn’t been touched in years and I wanted to create a timeline that showed the creation of the blog, growing moments and where I’ve gone.
  • I go into detail more about why I named the blog what I did. I thought about re-branding it but I really wanted to stick with the name. Plus naming things is hard and I’ve committed to it for five year so it’s staying.
  • Updated FAQ – So I’m not going to lie, I had more questions that I get asked and then I somehow managed to lose them. So, if you want to be a dear, ask me a question so I can finish this page up.
  • Curly Hair Care – You may notice that I’ve upped the Curly Hair Care area. This is for several reasons. First, the old one was wayyy out of date. Second, I get a lot of questions about haircuts, care and curly hairstyles that were just getting to be too much to email each person with a personalized answer. So now you’ll find a gallery of curly hairstyles by length and curly haircut advice.
  • Although the Wichita Gift Guide page is not new, I’m going to be adding Wichita and Kansas focused content to the blog and this will turn into a more travel guide and local section. I’m excited to build out this area as I know my Wichita followers have been asking for it!
  • The Adored List – I don’t want to shove affiliate links down anyone’s throat, but I would like to share what I’ve got my eyes on. Both for me and all the people who are buying birthday gifts for me (ahem, it’s January 13th).  I am excited that this will be all all-in list so whether it’s home-related or clothing, it’s there in one spot.
  • Terms of Use – It’s not exciting, but I’ve been ignoring how much I needed to get one!

 What’s to Come

  • Archive List – I had some coding issues and it wasn’t up on time. I know that many of you use this and I will get this up soon!
  • Content I am very, very excited about! While I am so proud that in 2017 I only put out content I really believed in, I have even more I want to write about. I’ve removed the pressure of fitting content into a certain “type” and allowed myself to write about what is on my mind.
  • Like I mentioned above, more content about my hometown of Wichita and Kansas!
  • Lots of small tweaks that you probably won’t notice, but will make your experience better. Thank you for your patience and let me know if you see anything wrong!

What I Took Away

  • Ads – I took down display ads. Truthfully, that is where I made the most money, because .00002 per click on a dress isn’t exactly paying the bills. However, I’m not really making money off the blog so I decided to remove it for now. It looks cleaner and I kind of like the ideas that for once you can go to a website without an ad.