A personal post that took a week to write

I found this top at Gap and loved it. I had no idea that the next day when I wore it I would find the statement “the best is yet to come” ironic. You see, I have had my graduation plan worked out for over 6 months. I have had it printed out and looked at it almost every day as a reminder of what I am working for. I was planning on taking 12 hours this summer (double what you are allowed to take) and 19 hours this fall to graduate. I have clung to the though that regardless of how bad a semester is, I am almost done. 

The Best is Yet to Come Gap Shirt

 I worked my butt off last summer taking 12 hours then and getting A’s. I was so close, so so close. I didn’t get a high school graduation. College was a decision I made for myself without the support of a lot of family, graduation means so much to me. College has been something I have had to fight for, it wasn’t something that was what you do after high school. 

The Best is Yet to Come Gap Shirt

To make a long story short, I received news that I would be attending college for one more semester. I will be graduating in spring of 2014. I sat in my advisers office crying, thinking of everything I had planned. It felt like someone had just punched me in the gut and taken away everything I wanted. I didn’t want to talk to anyone,I slowly called my boyfriend to ask him to pick me up then turned my phone off. This was the day before spring break started. I was crying, imagining so many scenarios where I would never graduate, something would always come up. 

I was so close. So, so close. I was mad at KU for having classes only offered certain semesters, I was mad at myself for changing majors halfway through college. I was mad that when I graduate I will be 23. All of these are stupid things but at the time I just wanted lie down and scream at everything in the world. 

Then I looked down at my shirt. I cursed. I was mad that I wore that shirt and it was the complete opposite of what I felt. Then I took it off and threw it across the room. It landed the right side up. “The Best is Yet to Come” it seemed to scream to me. 

The boyfriend naturally calmed me down and assured me that indeed “the best is yet to come” and everything will be fine. I am yet to be convinced but the more I look at this shirt the more I am beginning to believe is true for me. Some day I will graduate college. This is going to work out. There is a reason that this happened. 

I don’t know why it is happening but it is. I know something great will come out of this. It was really hard writing this all out. It made it entirely too real, like this is reality and I have to deal with it. Life will move on and the best IS yet to come, I just need to remember this. Worse things have happened to people and I realized this is not the end of the world. I know that in the end something great is going to happen and there is a reason for this, I don’t know what but there is. I hope it reveals itself soon.