A Sequin Cure

J Crew Collection Sequin Skirt
Sometimes, when you feel stressed and horrible about yourself, you just have to put on a sequin skirt, heels and go out to eat. Such was the case the other Friday night. I felt nasty. I felt tired and restless with a side of whelmed. Somehow all of those feelings slipped away when I slipped on that J. Crew sequin skirt. Magical powers I tell you. 
Tan Summer SandalsJ Crew Collection Sequin Skirt
Skirt: J. Crew Collection/Top: Fortuity/Shoes: TJ Maxx

I’m not positive that I can get a researcher to undertake the study of women’s attitudes while wearing sequin skirts. I mean, KU is a research school so surely someone out there is curious about this phenomenon? 

Until that study comes out, I am going to say that the cure of feeling bad, gross, insecure, tired, stressed, cranky and all general issues women have, they can be cured by putting on a sequin skirt. 

Cures all.

Trust me.

I just make stuff up.

Really fun stuff.