A teaser of spring that lasted one day

Blazer and polka dot pantsBlazer and polka dot pants

I love these pants from The Limited so freaking much. Seriously. Polka dots. Blue. Ankle crop. Hello! Perfection! Plus they are the most comfortable non-jean pants that I have ever owned. Which is saying a lot because I am a full-on jeans girl that either only wears jeans or dresses. It’s a high endorsement for non-jeans. 

Blazer and polka dot pants

     Top: TJ Maxx/Blazer: Cremiux/Pants: The Limited/Bracelets: Gifts, thrifted and Bauble Bar

Blazer and polka dot pants

I mean sure, I was told that I look like a navy blue Easter egg when I wore this. Then again who can hate an Easter egg? Their cute small and well, are cute eggs. Who wouldn’t want to look like an Easter egg? Speaking that……Easter eggs mean that Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs are out!!!!! 

Am I the only one that thinks that holiday shaped candy is wwaayyy better than normal shaped candy? I mean, egg shaped Reese’s? Smarties Eggs and Bunnies? Hello, the most magical candy time of the year!