Alissa versus The Spanish Matador

 In my quest to you know, spice up the job life and support the Kansas City Chiefs (Mostly I care because I need to be able to make small talk at work.) I’ve tried to inject more color into my life. However, this mission went a step in the wrong direction the other day. Scroll below for the example. See this? See that? See that black and white? See that red? I didn’t see it. I went into work at 7 am and realized that I might as well be headed into work into a dirt arena because I am dressed like a Spanish Matador. Yes, I somehow managed to wear a black and white top with a bow, with a red jacket, with black pants and not see that I basically am a Spanish Matador. That happened. 

 Shirt: Joe Fresh (similar
Jacket: Love21 (similar)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Pants: Loft (exact)
Earrings: Antonio Melani

So you know, killing it over here. Professional by 7am-5 pm, Spanish matador every other moment. I can be booked for the weekend if you need a good show for your kids birthday party. I take payment in shoes.