An Antler Obsession

*Hi! I’m halfway through my finals week!!! Lydia, one of my favorite and most awesome bloggers out there is filling in for me. She is so considerate that she even blogged about one favorite things, ever. Thank you so much Lydia!* 

Hi, I’m Lydia from Chic on the Cheap filling in for Alissa while she is busy with her final exams. 

The first time I visited Alissa’s blog I instantly liked her. Her style, her humor, how she wasn’t afraid to put it all out there, the good and the bad. We are great blogger friends, but I always feel like we could be great friends in real life too.

Since I know how much Alissa likes antlers (Note from Alissa: Andrew calls me Doe, I call him Dear. Hence the whole antler obsession.) , I decided to wear my beaded antler tee, and antler ring for this post. I do have a track record for wearing the two things together, because if you are going for antlers, why not?

That plus my red bag makes me feel just the right amount of festive for the middle of December, don’t you think?

I hope you will come visit my blog sometime, and we should all wish Alissa lots of luck on her finals!

Antler Tee – J.Crew
Jeans – Lucky Brand
Blazer – Kohls
Boots – DSW
Bag – Coach via eBay
Antler Ring – House of Harlow
Earrings – JoJo Loves You