Beautiful You Link Up

I cannot freaking believe it is Wednesday already. Why do the weeks off of work and school fly by when any other week I would be moaning how about long the week has been? Sigh. Life. Anyway, no outfit post from me today because I want to take time to talk about the lovely Lauren and read your posts this week! 

I’ve been reading Fizz and Frosting for about a year now. I have always loved that Lauren builds such a great community and always has something nice to say. I swear she has never said a bad word or tweeted anything in annoyance. I, on the other hand, can definitely NOT say that. She is a great example of “pretty is, as pretty does” in my mind. 

Lauren also is expecting a baby! She is completely glowing and has the most adorable tiny bump. Be sure to check her blog out! Now, share with me and Tiffany what makes YOU feel pretty. What you are proud of. etc.