Body Wash Review+Leaving For New York

I’m a strange person sometimes. I’m incredibly girly, it’s kind of out of control sometimes. I’m however the least girly when it comes to maintenance. I get in the shower, shave, get out and when necessary, wash my hair. I wear only mascara and it takes me about a whole 60 seconds to apply it. 

Caress Body Wash

Caress Body Wash

Caress sent me a bottle of their new body wash the other day. I had a long day when I tried this. You know those commercials where the woman has just had a horrible day and then she has a piece of chocolate and life suddenly becomes unicorns and rainbows? I had that moment in the shower. I’m not a huge body wash fan but you guys seriously, I think that bottle oozes rainbows and unicorns. When I select fragrances I don’t like to smell too flowery and I was worried originally that the scent would be overpowering. Instead what I found was the perfect floral scent that wasn’t overpowering but wasn’t weak. 

 It’s fragrant, light, moisturizing and somehow just lets you relax just by opening the bottle and smelling it. Too much? Nope, just the truth. Throw it into someones stocking this Christmas, truth me, they will love it. 

P.S. It smells SO similar to a certain bath and body brand that is wayyyy more expensive. Trust me, it’s that good.