Bows and Sequins

Blue Gingham with Sequin TankBlue Gingham with Sequin Tank
Over the weekend I went through my closet and pulled out 3 pieces I love and never wear enough. The bow belt is heavily neglected and I’m not sure why, I freaking love bows. It’s probably one of life’s huge mysteries how it gets neglected. Just kidding. I’m not that dumb. Clearly the biggest mystery in life is who the idiot was that decided there should be an option on a toaster to turn bread into a burned weapon. Seriously, who eats their toast freaking black? (I’m a strictly number 3 setting, in case you needed to know my toast preferences.) 
Blue Gingham with Sequin Tank
Blue Gingham with Sequin Tank

This week I start my summer classes, I have school jitters! You would think that being a senior in college I would be totally used to the first week of school jitters. Nope. Every semester I have a small freak out and then everything becomes fine after the first week. Every freaking semester. Same old thing. How I haven’t gotten this under control is beyond me. Maybe that is one of life’s great mysteries. 

Just kidding. I’m just a control freak. No mystery. 

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