Butterfly Effect

I have a confession. I bought these shorts back in the beginning of June but I haven’t worn them until now. Why? They were too tight. They “fit” in the sense that I could button them but I knew they were supposed to be looser in the thigh area. Sigh, that area is the bane of my existence. Anyway, so what I am trying to say, these shorts were one of my goals this summer. Huh? Basically what I am trying to say it that I was too fat for these before and I lost a little bit of weight. Just a small goal but it was to fit into these shorts before the end of summer.

Shorts: J.Crew
Top: J. Crew
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: TJ Maxx

This is the perfect introduction into something that is going to be coming up on my blog. I am teaming up with Callie and we are going to talk about our college weight loss struggles. I try to keep non-fashion related things to only the weekends so over the next few weekends Callie and I will be sharing our personal struggles, victories and what we are doing to combat college weight gain. 

I haven’t lost a lot of weight but I have started training and have gone paleo. So far so good. I have a very specific goal with a realistic date but I’ll reveal all of that later on in the series. This isn’t just a “Oh I worked out and lost weight” series. No, this is the dirty, nitty-gritty stuff about weight loss that no one wants to talk about. I feel like I am baring my soul during these posts so please know I am going to be so brutally honest about my struggles. 

I hope that you will read the series and will find them to be a great encouragement for those of you who are in college, or out of college, and struggling. I feel you. Set small goals. One of those small goals was to get into these shorts. And bam, it may have taken all summer but I am in them!