Chambray + A review of my new favorite store

It has taken me a while to get on the chambray shirt/ denim shirt look. I know this has been popular for quite a while but it’s just been well….too country for me. I have a serious aversion to anything country and once J Crew finally started carrying it, I knew that it was here to stay for a while and it wasn’t too country. I know being from Kansas everyone thinks I love country music and clothing but I abhor it! 

Anyway, Fortuity of Lawrence, Kansas is a great clothing store on Mass. St. that I went into the other day. I’ve been in before but hadn’t purchased anything. I saw a photo they put in an online album on Facebook (visit them here) and knew I had to go see this top. I went into the store and LOVED it! It was only $25 and I CANNOT stress enough how comfortable this top is! I cannot wait to style it in the fall also!
Top: Fortuity/Dress: Thrifted in Colorado/ Shoes: Target/ Jewelry: handed down to me
I’ve held onto this dress for about 4 years because of sentimental reasons and so glad I did since coral is so hot this season! It’s perfect for hot summer days where nothing at all is comfortable but you still want to look chic.
It was extremely hot out when we took these photos but I needed a “jacket” for when I went into a restaurant that was cool and this was perfect!
I just want to say that I had a great experience with everyone in the store and I truly appreciated the smiles that were genuine. Sometimes it sad how fake people can be in the retail business and they were genuinely nice. Thank you ladies! 

In other news: Tomorrow I am getting about 3 inches chopped off my hair! I am hoping I love it, going to get your hair cut when you have curly hair is ALWAYS a risk! It’s just too hot out to have it this long!