Chambray+Coral= instant comfort

I assure you that I have washed this shirt since I have worn it so much this week.
Chambray: Fortuity/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Shoes: Gianni Binni/ Belt: Banana Republic (gift)
Total for outfit $40.75 (the shorts and top have paid for themselves already)

Funny storyOne of my best friends works in the same office as I do at KU. We don’t wear the same clothes normally so we’ve never talked about what we are going to wear. So this happened….
Yeah….we need to start discussing our wardrobe options now. She wore a brown belt and I wore a black one but still it’s kind of hilarious. Has this happened to you? 
  Last night the Boy read all of my blog posts. OUT LOUD, WORD FOR WORD.There is possibly nothing worse that lying in bed with your head covered by a blanket because you cannot handle how you sound when your boyfriend is reading it out loud. 
This weekend I have the Glow Run KC, lots of studying for school and I am really hoping to get to some blogs and work out outfits. What are your plans?