I’ve talked about how embarrassed I am when my boyfriend reads my blog entries out-loud in his valley girl voice and all of you have had this happen to you so I didn’t feel alone. 

Well one of my friends found a pin I had (I do NOT pin photos of my face, it feels weird) of my clutch and she commented saying, “Did you seriously just pin a photo of yourself?” and then “Why do you keep pinning photos of yourself!??!?!” Now, I’m not mad, I more-so wanted to run away and hide under a rock. I felt/feel so vain and shallow. I hesitated even pinning the photo of my clutch, it took a lot of nerve. I know a lot of people pin photos of their blog to get traffic and I wanted to do it in a subtle way but not overt with actual pictures of myself. 

I cried (Ok still am crying). Yes, I know it’s ridiculous but I cried. I felt ashamed and stupid. I don’t want people thinking I’m a shallow person who wants photos of themselves plastered all over Pinterest (Although one can dream) but I thought that it was kind of a normal thing to do in blog land.

You guys I am crying, like seriously crying. I don’t want to face this person, I feel horrified and terrible like I have done something dirty. Is it wrong? Am I overreacting? Has this happened to you?  

*UPDATE* I realize I completely took it entirely too personal and my boyfriend said it looked like I was doing just what everyone else does. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me. You continually amaze me with your support.