Curly Headed Jackie

When I wore this outfit I was told that I looked like a very fun version of a curly headed Jackie-O. I’m going to assume that this was meant as a compliment. If not, just let me pretend. I actually planned this entire outfit around the shoes that I was given by Fibi and Clo. The gold details were just too fun and I got to play off the rest of the outfit with blacks and a burgundy. 

Fibi and Clo sent me these flats for a review as well as a bracelet which I am wearing but you sadly can’t see because of my long sleeves. Fibi and Clo is a small start-up business owned by a husband and wife which sells shoes. I actually had previously purchased a pair of sandals by them when I first saw their best selling shoe on Pinterest. You know that I will only be honest with you and I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable flats I have had in years. I wore them at work for 8 hours and didn’t have a single red mark from rubbing or irritation. 

Burgundy Top: The Limited
Sweater: Gift
Pants: Target
Flower: Forever XXI
Bracelet: Fibi and Clo
Shoes: Fibi and Clo
Necklace: Hello Cheeseburger

You all know that I try and review only items that I love or support the message behind them. I got to talk to the owner of the company and I can honestly say that this company is going to do big things. It’s a husband and wife team who care about their customers and who listen to what they want. I cannot wait to see where they go, especially with these cute and comfortable flats!