Day Date

Sometimes I get really lucky and have an afternoon off of work and school. On those afternoons Andrew and I try to take advantage of them by going to our favorite restaurant and catching an early movie. We are both pretty picky about what movies we are a) willing to pay $10 per ticket for and b) what movies are really worth seeing in the movie theater versus watching it later on our own TV. On this particular date we discovered that Kevin Hart is in nearly every movie out right now. I have nothing against the guy, but he wasn’t in anything for quite a while and suddenly every movie that is out has him. He has to be just jumping from set to set. Anyway, I say all that because we weren’t feeling any of the movies out right now, which I think is a good indication of everything right now. Winter is making everything kind of “meh,” right down to the movies being shown. 

Due to the issue of winter blah I decided that I needed to wear something sparkly to brighten the day. What I chose was a sequin tank that drew stares from people. Apparently, in Kansas, sequin tanks are not appropriate for the daytime. Kansans are weird.

Blazer: Target (similar) (similar)
Jeans: C/O Aeropostale (similar) (similar)
Shoes: Nine West (similar) (similar)
Tank top: J. Crew (similar) (similar)
Purse: Kate Spade (similar) (similar

Also, as I was writing this post one of Kevin Hart’s movie Twitter account followed me. ARE THEY MIND READERS?! I had to double check that it was indeed, THE movie account and it was. Weird man. I mean, Kevin nothing against you, I just don’t understand how you managed to be virtually gone for years and suddenly have like 4 movies out at one time. Or maybe I have just been out of it for years and Kevin has really been everywhere but I just haven’t noticed. Either way, thanks for the follow Kevin, I know you totally chose me personally.