DIY: Linen clutch

Let’s be real people, half of the things we see on Pinterest look cool online but when you do them in real life….they cost twice as much, turn out nasty and take all day to work on. Well, I saw this idea for a painted clutch and I decided to try it. I couldn’t find a paint color I liked so I went with a wide ribbon instead. I ended up making two different ones because I am giving it as a gift to a friend. 

Also these took about 30 minutes and that was with me making a lot of mistakes so I had to go back and correct them a lot. If you are craftier than I am, it’ll take you like 15 minutes for 2! 

So this is what you need:
The total cost for all of this was $15 but if I would have had a 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby it would have been cheaper. Also any permanent tape would work but I wanted to be sure I got a tape for material. 

Cut a strip of ribbon a couple of inches longer than the clutch. 
You need to be sure this is really straight before you put it down on your clutch, this tape was STICKY!

In order to make sure the ends don’t fray, loop the corners and so that way they aren’t exposed!

Now you just lay the ribbon down, loop the ends and YOU ARE DONE!! I decided on the next one I wanted to do I needed a bow so that was super easy! 
When you create the bow be sure to remember to glue down the actual bow, not just the knot in the middle!
It’s quick, easy and doesn’t take all day to do! What else can you want in a DIY project? I hope you guys enjoyed this, I had a LOT of fun making it and I can’t wait to till it with some candy and nail polish and send them to a friend of mine. 
Btw: This week at Hobby Lobby the clutches are 30% off so the cost will be even less!