Done Forever

As I type this I am squealing and have a tear in my eye. I found out last Friday I passed my final math class, ever. It was made official this week. On my transcript. Never to be taken away. I have finished math. The bane of my existence. The class that nearly made me quit college. I PASSED AND NEVER HAVE TO TAKE AGAIN!

I just want to repeat that again. I never have to take math again. The moment I saw my math score I instantly started crying. I ran down the stairs of the building into my old employers office and screamed “I PASSED!!” Everyone was so happy for me, some cried. I was in shock. It didn’t feel real. Never again do I have to do math. Never, ever again. 
Floral Shorts with Color Blocked Cardigan
Tank: J. Crew/ Cardigan: Target/ Shorts: TJ Maxx/ Shoes: Born/ Clutch: Gift

Ruffle Clutch
I thought that I was going to flunk college because of math. Hey guess what? NOPE! Why? BECAUSE I PASSED MATH! Sometimes I just randomly get tears in my eyes because I am just so happy. I studied so much, I skipped sleeping and was so nervous I could barely hold my pencil. Hey guess what math? I BEAT YOU! I won! I don’t fear you anymore. I proved that I could take you on and win! 

Thank you all so much. You all supported me through this. You have celebrated with me and been sad when I am sad. Thank you. Thank you so much.