Pop, Fizz, Clink – Pick out Your Wedding Dress with Me!

Remember that time I was an amazing Maid of Honer and almost missed the bridal shower? I was clearly killing it. That was the year that I was in two weddings back to back (Oh and both of the bridesmaid dresses never fit me so I just used tape and Spanx to fit in.) and there was a lot going on, in my defense.

Anyway, during that chaos I got this little nagging voice that I wanted to be in the bridal industry. I even went so far as to ask if any boutiques were hiring. It made sense, I’ve photographed weddings before, love event planning and am a pro at telling people what looks good on them. I felt like all the stars aligned that I was DESTINED to be involved in weddings. After all, I started in photography doing weddings and it’s never really left me.

Fast forward two years.

One of the secret goals I’ve had for the blog was to host a local event. So secret I didn’t tell anyone. Because you can’t fail at a goal if you don’t tell anyone, I tell myself. I’m working on being more open about that sort of thing so just give me a little bit. Almost all of 2017 passed by until November. I got an email that I wasn’t sure was real but I decided to take a chance.

It was from Maggie Sottero, yes, THE Maggie Sottero. The one that two of my friends got married in, I had my eyes on a dress for years. Yeah, that one. That email was definitely real, and I am so excited to share an event I’m helping host at the Wichita Mark Arts center!

I’m going to be a guest stylist and host for an exclusive pop up event that is the first in the nation. I’ve teamed up with Dress Gallery and Maggie Sottero to put on an unforgettable pop up experience for Wichita brides! Also there’s going to be a photo booth, cake and Maggie experts to help you find the perfect dress.

I’ve teamed up with Dress Gallery to put on an unforgettable Maggie Sottero Pop Up experience for Wichita brides!

When: January 26 6-8 pm
Where: Mark Arts, Wichita, Kansas

Join Me, Dress Gallery, Maggie Sottero and many other Wichita vendors for an exclusive event! The event features never-before-seen Maggie dresses and best design dresses that dazzle. (Trust me, I’ve seen them and maybe tried a few on.) I’ll be posting about it over on Instagram and Facebook so follow along!