Easy Peasy

Spring break went by in a blink and somehow I am in the last half of my college experience. No pressure, I’m just rapidly going through the last days of freedom and all that. Just you know, major life changes will happen soon but I’m just over here stress watching House of Cards and playing dress up with my clothes. To counteract the intensity I am feeling I decided to put on a decidedly more laid back look.

Shirt: C/O Aeropostale (not online)
Jeans: C/O Aeropostale  (exact)
Shoes: C/O Aeropostale  (exact in leopard)
Glasses: C/O Aeropostale  (exact)
Purse: Kate Spade

I didn’t think I was going to dig the whole canvas sneakers trend this spring but I need a pair of shoes that aren’t my workout shoes but also have some support and covers my feet. These sneakers have been in heavy rotation since getting them. They are perfect for the long days I have on campus. The whole outfit was ridiculously easy to throw on and comfortable which is perfect for right now.