Elephants Be Everywhere

I’ve worn this dress about 15 times this summer yet never put it on the blog. Why? Well, probably because it has this horrible draw-string waist that just doesn’t hit my waist. Why did I purchase the dress? It was cheap, cute and I wanted a freaking dress that had elephants on it. These types of purchases often end up into the “meh” category and I have got to stop making these impulse buys. I love the dress. I think it is adorable. I just can’t seem to make it really work for my body because of that silly draw-string waist. 

Elephant Print Dress
Elephant Print Dress

Elephant Print Dress

Elephant Print Dress

Shoes: Steve Madden (Exact) (Similar)
Clutch: Antonio Melani (similar)
Belt: Target (Men’s section)
Dress: Gap (Similar) (Similar)

Then I was moving and found one of my boyfriends old belts. HALLELUJAH! It hit me. Belt that baby up and just tuck in the drawstring. I don’t have many thick belts so the seemingly obvious solution was not so obvious to me. 

I also find it appropriate that I would buy a dress with elephants on it because people often liken my hair ( on good and bad hair days) to a lions mane. Not that this has anything to do with an elephant, but my hair gets compared to wild animals a lot. Not at super encouraging thing. Anyway, whatever. I have a dress with elephants everywhere that finally looks decent on me. 

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