Empire State of Mind

I got asked by a couple of people to share the photos I took while in NYC. Well, that is all fine and dandy but I didn’t actually take that many photos while there. See, I have this thing where I don’t want to look like a tourist despite actually being a hardcore tourist from Kansas. One of my friends actually commented on how impressed they were that I wasn’t sharing every single thing I was doing. This is what I figured, I’m one of a million people that visit that city a year. No one realllyyyyy cares what I am eating and if they do they have my number and can ask me (which no one did so clearly no one cares about me). I’m seeing the same sites that every mom with a camera is photographing and plastering all over Facebook so I might as well just enjoy the trip. So, due to all of these good reasons and such… you just get iPhone photos that I didn’t share on Instagram or Facebook.   

I looked so perky in the mornings. Then by 11 pm I was dead and begging to go back to bed. I was exhausted every single day I figured out why New Yorkers can eat so much freaking pizza and stay skinny. They walk. EVERYWHERE. I always forget how it is actually possible to live in America and not take a car everywhere. 
Magnolia Bakery was sadly one of the biggest disappointment about the whole trip.The cupcake tasted a lot like a mattress that had been soaked in water for about eight years. Then frosting made me a little sick and I took one bite and threw it out.  
This Popsicle might actually have been life changing. It was from this adorable stand on The High Line and this delicious combination of fruits. I would have those things shipped to Kansas if I could. 

Looking over The High Line the first night in NYC. I was completely enchanted by all of the non-touristy spots we went to. We tried to avoid most of the tourist destinations and actually go to places in New York. Somehow that meant that we just ate a lot of really great food. I am totally OK with that. Then on Sunday we went to the wedding of a friend and I managed to tear my dress dancing. So that made it a successful night and a great ending to our trip.