The essential summer list

Every summer I make a list of things I want to get done while on summer break. Although this summer is anything but a break since I am taking 12 hours and working it will be a challenge but none the less I feel like I can do it. 

1) Workout 5 times a week. Specifically because I am doing the glow run in KC in July.
2) Go to all of the farmers markets around this area and enjoy how lucky I am that I live in a town that has such a great market.
3) Kill all of my classes. I refuse to get anything but A’s this semester. I do not  need a repeat of last semester.
4) Actually go out and do things with Andrew, go on dates and stop letting school get in the way of our time together.
5) Photograph things for me, not just because I have a session or am being paid to. 

I think it’s a manageable list. I already feel like there are a lot of things that are going to happen because of these things.

Did I ever tell you about the time I slid on a treadmill and ended up doing a complete roll-over on it and slid off on my butt into another machine? Yeah…that was not my proudest moment. I can now laugh about it but it took about two years for me to be able to. I remember Andrew had just called me and I was at the YMCA in Andover and I had just started running. Instead of slowing it wwwaaayyyy down like most normal, thinking, rational people would do, I just slowed it down a little bit. Well as you can imagine, curly hair went everywhere and my butt landed firmly on the belt of the treadmill which took me very fast sprawling into the cardio machines behind me. Now YOU try and act like a normal human being after that has happened. Not possible. I dare you to do it and not feel like the smallest person on earth. 

And yet Andrew still wants to marry me after finding out stories like this.