Everything is Pretty and I Bought It (The Winter Shopping Plan)

Here’s the deal about fall and winter clothes. I live for them. I HATE, HATE, HATE spring and summer clothes. But fall clothes? Give me all the jewel tones and I’m happy. Although don’t talk to me about jeans because those are my mortal enemy. Anyway, this fall is no exception to wanting ALL the things! So, in order to stay on track with my commitment to streamlining and buying less, here’s my fall and winter clothing plan. I’m trying to not jinx myself, but I’m trying to not buy anything clothing related until the end of the year, which is only two months basically!

First off, I’m trying to re-wear a lot more of my items year-round. Skirts are a favorite of mine but I haven’t been great about wearing them. Thus, I’m buying more tops this fall to layer and play with texture and more details.

Here’s the top/sweater rundown:

Endless Rose Sweater This is/was THE biggest sweater of the season and it is a SHEDDING  NIGHTMARE. I mean it is freaking warm and will get you a ton of compliments, but you’ll need a link brush for it.

Emerald Merino Wool Sweater –  a classic, I don’t mind spending more than $60 on.

Maroon Ruffle Sweater – trendy, most likely only going to work for this season. At $40 I’ll wear it enough to make it worthwhile.

Burnt Orange Sweater – I was told my sleeve game has been on point. You could hide snacks in these sleeves. $39, worth it.

Crushed Velvet Tank – This was SO random and worth the $29 on it. It’s comfortable and the color is really flattering on everyone!

Brunch Club Sleep Shirt – I got it because it’s cute and that alone is worth it. I’ll sleep in it and wish I was eating brunch.

Relaxed Velvet Top – I mean I’m getting a velvet dress, shoes and skirt so I probably need a velvet top right? RIGHT?

Bottom situation

Navy Double Button Skirt – I haven’t gotten this yet, butttt I’m in love and refuse to acknowledge any possible chance it doesn’t work. Plus I need a navy skirt.


Ponte Pants – Are they leggings? Are they pants? I’ve solved the world’s greatest issue by wearing ponte pants when I have to wear pants. No one knows what they really are but they are comfortable and warm. I have both THESE and THESE in a size 10 and highly recommend them.

Jeans, jeans, jeans – How I hate you but I also need you. I bought THESE overly expensive jeans and have spent 3 days deciding if I like them or not. I have to make my mind up soon. Like asap.

Dresses on Dresses on Dresses

What a shock that I bought more dresses and I just want to wear dresses. Anyway, here’s the dress situation.

Ponte Sheath Dress– I got it on sale for a steal and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. I’m excited that it’s going to look great WITH tights and without and I can dress it up for work or make it semi-casual.

Velvet Midi Dress – It’s pretty, it’s affordable and it makes you look incredibly festive and glamours for $30. Get it. Now.


Tory Burch Heels – They are the perfect shade of brown, which is the most ridiculous statement, but here I am saying it.

Sole Society Over-The-Knee Boots – I have struggled to find TRULY wide-calf boots and I finally found them. And they are so, so, so comfortable! 100% worth the price and you won’t regret it. I also have my classic boots that are still in heavy rotation and I didn’t have to re-purchase this season thanks to caring for them!

Sam Edelman Booties – I got these for a steal one day and I decided to try them. Perhaps it’s because the heels are so loud but I feel extremely powerful in them so they are totally worth the price.


There are few things that make me feel more ready for a season and life than new underwear. So go and get yourself some pretty things that make YOU feel good. As you can tell, this is not a seasonal thing, just my personal plea to make yourself feel good.

Comparing my closet to what it was at this time last year, I’m really happy. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of items that I know I won’t wear or can’t wear and it really embraces where I am in life now. Now, if I can just make it through the Christmas season without buying 500 gifts for myself and like 10 for other people. Spoiler alert: probably going to have to do a confession post about how much I will ended up getting for myself.