The Infamous Fall Party… And How to Not Be a Terrible Guest

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve been waiting for this. Here goes. I love a good fall party. I hate waiting on someone to throw one. So naturally I took matters into my own hands and then worked for weeks on a surprise party. And I mean I PREPPED for this party. But like I talk about HERE, I love hosting events. Even the stress of it I live for. You get the idea. I love it. I often wish I had a side job as an event planner.

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Fall Party Decor

I am a sucker for fresh greens and I knew exactly the vision I had for the table and backdrop for the party. I couldn’t exactly redo a fence right before the party, so I thought about what I had on hand. Both THESE and THESE are a favorite of mine. They are in my bedroom and also in my cube walls and they add so much! I also bought THIS scarf (ssshh!) to use as a tablecloth accent and also well, use as a scarf later. Totally perfect for a fall party.

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I am terrified of accidentally starting a fire but I wanted candle light. Thankfully, THESE candles are the perfect solution to needing some extra light and not worrying about fire. Thankfully I am also obsessed with pretty glass so I gathered them up and they were the perfect table centerpiece. I spent the most time arranging the floral runner and I have no regrets. It’s one of my favorite things I did for the party. Plus the fresh greens lasted for several days and I smiled every time I saw them.

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Warm Appetizers

I love garlic. I don’t trust people who don’t love garlic. So naturally my go-to dip is a roasted garlic cheesy dip. You will notice a theme of cheese at this fall party. But I digress. I can’t even tell you what recipe this is because it’s basically everything that is creamy, fatty, garlicy and some artichokes mixed in. At some point I need to actually document my recipes that everyone loves so I can remember how to make them. But it’s incredibly important that you serve warm food when it’s a chilly fall evening. It helps remind people it’s not so bad outside and they make a lot of jokes about having garlic breath.

Grilled Cheese Bar + Tomato Basil Soup

I have to admit I still think a grilled cheese bar is the best idea I’ve had. One of the best things about this is that it’s a warm food so it’s perfect for a fall get together. I bought gouda, havardi and other gourmet sliced cheeses that melt well and fresh, local bread. The beauty of a grilled cheese is that pretty much any white, melty cheese is going to taste great. You could suggest combinations, but I’m also a big fan of just adding everything cheesy together and melting.

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Of course, if you’re going to have grilled cheese, you need to have a tomato soup! I made this soup but tripled the garlic and double the carrots. I needed a LOT of soup for this party so don’t be afraid to double or even triple a basic recipe. Trust me, everyone, even adults, are going to be thrilled to have grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Speaking of Warmth

I love a little chill in the air but not everyone does. Offer blankets for guests to use solves this issue! I love light fleece blankets, similar to this, this and this that you can use for so many things.

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How to Not Be a Terrible Guest

I know that it’s extremely basic, but a fall party really is the best thing. Also I love the crispness of the air that invites everyone to get a little closer and unites everyone if they are complaining about it being too cold. I do not love it when it is actually cold though and guests complain about that. Listen, you’ve got a coat on and I’ve got blankets, eat some more soup and be happy. Okay? Good.  That is called not being a good guest. I could write a whole post on that. Oh wait, I guess I am. Also, guests, if you are going to a fall party, and you got an invite a month out, you should probably just dress appropriately and not make the hostess adapt the whole party to your needs. So, if you only get one thing from this post, try not to be a bad guest. Your hostess, who worked very hard on it, and spent a lot of money on good food and other things will be devastated.

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Also there is nothing better than getting to wear a totally pointless half long-sleeve/half-sleeveless shirt like I am. Life is too short. You need to host the party. Wear the impractical shirt. Wearing the 90’s hoop earrings that are back in style. Eat the extra cheesy grilled cheese and eat all the garlic. For me, I beg you. And be a good guest. Please.