Commonly Asked Questions

Why “The Adored Life?”

I came up with the name while I was in college (you can learn more about this here) when life was kind of perfect. Everything was how I wanted it and there was nothing but blue skies and eternal optimism. I mentioned how much I adored life to one of my friends and it stuck with me.

I’ve considered re-naming the blog but I always come back to The Adored Life. Although I still have eternal optimism, I’ve experienced my fair share of issues and not-so-blue skies. The blog isn’t about sharing what makes life great, it’s about sharing life’s not-so-pretty moments (like this) and share that you are not alone.

What is there to do in Kansas?

Listen yes, it is as flat as you think. However, the people are nicer than you think and just like in any state, it is what you make it. You can read more about why I love Kansas in this post, but more than that, Kansas is home to many wonderful people. I’m working on creating more Wichita content as well as Kansas guides.

Okay but it does get terribly cold here and in the summer it’s just sweltering heat. That is my main complaint.

Who Takes Your Photos?

I am exceptionally lucky that my boyfriend is willing to go out into the freezing cold and deal with my hyper micro-management of photos. I also shoot regularly with Madison Ham of Madison Photography who is also up for anything and understand the important of everything being framed for Instagram.

What Do You Like to Do?

So this is the type of person I am, I take vacation days from work so I can work on personal work. SO FUN RIGHT? But in all seriousness, I like working. In my free time I do freelance work for photographers and other creatives and brainstorm content for the blog. My evenings typically involve some sort of writing whether for myself, my job or a client.

Recently I took up boxing and I do my best to attempt 3x a week when I am not traveling for work. I also love baking, listening to podcasts, avoiding the outdoors so I don’t get sunburned and more stuff I currently cannot think of.

Curly Hair

You can find more about my curly hair care on my Curly Hair page as well as on this page.

Is Your Hair Naturally Curly?

I come from a family of curly hair. All together there are four curly-hair sisters. How my father didn’t invest in Draino stock I don’t know. Although I had a lot of people with curly hair to make mistakes for me, we all didn’t find our curl groove until we found the right haircut and stylist.

You can learn more about what products I use on this page.

Who Cuts Your Hair?

I go to Man Ha at Shelter Salon in Wichita, Kansas and I highly recommend her. She styles not just mine, but several blog readers and my sisters.

What Blow Dryer do You Use? 

I recently become a blow-dryer elitist. I bought a T3 and this diffuser attachment and it’s brought out my best curls. I’ve used a diffuser attachment for years to help create soft curls, but the T3 has given me shine and body all day long.