Fashion Week

Last week was Kansas City Fashion Week. This was my first year that I was both aware of it and invited to it. It was a very welcome break from a stressful weekend of studying for midterms (which is probably happening right now if you are reading this at 8 am).  

This inner conversation happened after I realized I was actually going:

“Sh**, what am I going to wear?!” 
“Crap, now I can’t eat for the rest of the week leading up to it.”
“Can I wear something from Target or is that a faux pas?”
“Do I need to actually wear makeup?” 
“Crap, now I have to wash my hair AND shave my legs on a Saturday.” 
“Should I buy something crazy expensive and then return it?”
“ALISSA! I can’t believe you even thought it.”
“Sh**, what if its raining and it’s humid and my hair gets frizzy.” 

I was immediately exhausted and decided to watch Toddler and Tiaras to try and relax while I tried to plan outfits. Or I may have just sat down on my bed and fallen asleep. Either one works, but it’s probably the latter. 

Black and White outfit for Fall

Black and White outfit for Fall and KC Fashion Week

Black and White outfit for Fall and KC Fashion Week

Blazer: Target
Peplum: The Limited
Pants: Target
Shoes: BCBG
Purse: Marshall’s
Necklace: C/O Hello Cheeseburger

And then…..I ended up wearing this. Only lipgloss and mascara. Half the stuff was from Target and under $30. It didn’t rain the night I went. It was magical. The necklace Jennifer sent me by surprise made the entire outfit, everyone commented on it. 

 It was at Union Station which I had only visited once as a child. I walked in, immediately called Andrew and said that I don’t care about cost, we are renting that place for our wedding. I realized I just wanted to BUY ALL OF THE THINGS as soon as I saw them coming down the runway. I got to sit next to a woman who had been a buyer for over  20 years and we got to pretend we were on Project Runway. I was Nina Garcia and she pulled out her best Heidi. We loved everything though so there were no “I’m sorry, you’re out” partings.