Feeling a little Pinterest inspired

This is my first outfit that I have put together since starting this blog that I really stepped out of my comfort zone. You all know I am obsessed with my new chambray top I got the other day but I decided that I wanted to just go into my closet and then go crazy. So what do you think? Should I take away the belt? What do you all think? Also I really respect those of you that are so fearless in your fashion! I’ve been so incredible inspired by all of the new blogs I am finding and seeing how ladies across the world are wearing things.

The necklace was a gift from a friend, I initially didn’t like it but I am so glad that I saved it! It’s now one of my favorite statement pieces. 

Skirt: Forever 21 (old, but it was $12.50)/ Top: Fortuity/ Shoes: Gianni Binni (old and thrifted)/ Necklace: Gift/ Belt: Forever 21 ($3.50)

Have I ever mentioned how much I miss wearing heels? I used to work at a bank and then at a District Attorneys office so I was ALWAYS in heels. Now that I am up at KU the hills making even tennis shoes hard to wear! I often have to bring a 2nd pair of shoes to be able to walk up the hill. 
Tomorrow I will reveal my hair cut and then on Monday I am posting a tutorial on how I manage my curls! Be sure to tell all your friends with curly hair to come by this Monday!