The Perfect Gift for the Galentine In Your Life

Galentine's Gift Box Ideas |

One of my favorite things to browse on Pinterest is gift boxes. While the idea is not new, I feel like I’ve never actually gotten a gift box so I’m not sure what millionaire’s are buying these (BECAUSE THEY ARE LIKE $100 FOR A BASIC ONE). This Galentine’s Day I wanted to put together affordable gift boxes for my friends. I really don’t think there’s anything better than having a surprise package with a thoughtful card and something sweet (or champagne). Enter…. my totally now-ruined-surprise-gift-to-my-friends Galentine’s gift ideas!

Galentine’s Gift Box Ideas

Galentine's Gift Box Ideas |
Sheet Mask | Flute | Sleep Mask | Filler

The “Treat Yo Self” box. This one I made in mind for my new-Mom friends who I don’t think have had a shower by themselves in months. While the babies continue to get more gifts just for being born and being cute, no one tends to think about what the mom or dad needs.

Sheet Mask | Flute | Sleep Mask | Filler

While it’s probably not possible to do a whole bottle of champagne during the precious early bedtime with the kid, I found a cute mini champagne bottle and glass that are perfect for unwinding. Also they are adorable and I would like them for myself, just without the having to have a kid part.

Galentine's Gift Box Ideas |
Box | Flute | Filler

Throw in a sheet mask and a sleeping mask and you’ve basically given them a mini-spa and renewal night. (Again, I would totally take this for myself, just without having to have the kid.)

Total cost: $20

Galentine's Gift Box Ideas |

The Sass gift box. This one doesn’t really have a theme because it’s just stuff I really love. I found that amazing card when I was in Dallas a few months ago and I knew exactly what friend I wanted to give it to for Galentine’s day. A friend gave me that amazing gold bottle opener and obviously needed to find more. I am in love with these sheet masks since starting my Korean skincare and they are so cheap but work!

That cute little dish was in there because, well, it’s cute and there’s no theme to this one other than things I love. A perfect galentine’s gift.

Total cost: $18

Galentine’s Gift Box Supply Ideas

Box  | Filler | Set of 4 Flutes | Sassy Cards | Champagne | Champagne gummies | Cute Cards

So like I said, a gift box isn’t a brand new idea, but often they seem like an indulgence. These are all under $20 and will mean so much more than a generic gift this year! Also, I am very happy I am in a world where Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your romantic partner, everyone should be showing each other the love! Thank you Leslie Knope for changing Valentine’s day!