Girls Who Get Me

This past spring semester I was lucky enough to become friends with Allie and Whitney. Individually they are smart, driven, hard-working, witty and enchanting. Together they are hilarious, inappropriate and the girls who you know will have your back with a gallon of ice cream right within 10 minutes to calm you down when you are upset. They will drop everything and help you with any problem or crash unexpectedly in your bed and well, spend 3 nights there because they are too comfortable to move. They also have an incredible love of typefaces, AP style and graphic design. The nerding out with them has no limit. At all.

Meet Allie- I met Allie in 2012. I mistakenly thought she was quiet and shy. Allie then once gave me the head nod with her cool California vibe and I realized I had a friend for life. She then won me over even more when I realized she was in fact, not at all shy. The very idea that she is shy is hilarious. We bonded over mutual annoyances of college, annoying people and baking. The glue that holds us together is really our mutual annoyances of certain people.Then some baking but mostly the annoyance. 

Allie will probably one day be my boss. 

Meet Whitney- Whitney is best described as Whitney. She is more than you can say. She gets high off of looking at fonts. She stays up late studying social media analytics and playing with her cat. I met her this spring semester when Allie raved about how amazing Whitney was. She was right. No one can beat Whitney. Her drive and passion for advertising and social media is immediate the moment you start working with her. When I say she will probably be my boss in the future, I’m not kidding. 

This summer I have been lucky to have these girls have my back. They have calmed me down, made me laugh, snort, laugh and realize what a great life I have. They support me and are genuinely excited when something good happens to me. Thank you ladies. Thank you for being there. Thank you for putting on a bra at 11:30 p.m. to get nail polish with me. You get that sometimes all I need is to get all my irrational fears out there over a margarita. You get that you can never, ever repeat those irrational fears. Ever. EVER. You ladies are the best.