The Glow Run Kansas City + Why I am waking up at 3 am for a sale

You all should know how much I hate running. Running inside on a treadmill, in AC and a TV still makes me hate it so you can only imagine how much I hate running on the road. So my bestie and I thought this would be “fun” and we should totally have our boyfriends run with us!

Last night was the glow run, currently as I speak I feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks. I realize it’s just 3.1 miles but hey, for some of us that is a lot! It was incredibly fun to wear all of the glow and that motivated me to about mile 1.2. Then I was dead. I had to walk about .5 miles and then jog, and then catch my breath and then finally I realized that if I just ran the rest of the way I would get it over faster. So I ran. I wanted to puke so badly. I crossed the finish line and wanted to yell, “IT IS FINISHED!” but it felt inappropriate. So here’s to finally crossing off doing a 5K in my life!

FYI- If you live in the Lawrence or Kansas City area, LISTEN UP! The Downtown Lawrence garage sale is this Thursday! Urban Outfitters (Don’t get me started on how much I hate their hipster vibe but they have really cute dresses) from 5 am to 10am sale prices are an additional 50% OFF! So I went in there today and let me tell you, they have a TON of adorable dresses and non-hipster pants that are already super marked down but they will be even cheaper! So you have to get in line at 4am but if you want a bargain join me!