Goodwill Finds

Dear Blog World: I didn’t want to shave my legs yesterday so all you get is this crappy post. I am so dang tired of it being summer and never being able to skip a day of shaving. My poor boyfriend in the winter probably wonders if I am trying to be French or something. And now…onto my crappy post. 

I used to shop at Goodwill constantly but when I moved to Lawrence the Goodwill was more expensive than the one I was used to and also had a worse selection. Last Saturday I was waiting for the UPS store to open up so I could ship back my books and Goodwill was open. I went around there and didn’t find anything….then I saw this Banana Republic top that was literally just in the store. Then I found a pair of J Crew pants that had never been worn. Then a J Crew Sweater. Then I found a Ralph Lauren Monokini (I never knew a swimsuit could be classy AND sexy), Talbots sweater and denim shorts. I have no idea if these were items were out when I was first looking but to find those pants and sweaters that were BRAND NEW? I did a happy dance. This college student will certainly be checking out Goodwill more often in Lawrence.

All of these were brand new and some even still had the tags on them! I also got a KU shirt for my brother so with that added into my total I got all this for $30.14, tax included! What have you guys found recently at your Goodwill/thrift store? 

Oh and on another topic, is there anything more depressing than back to school jean shopping? I mean, seriously, I could not be more depressed after trying on so many jeans yesterday. I was sweating, weak and seriously having to do the pants dance to try and get into jeans that are my normal size. I did squats, jumping jacks and did some booty dancing trying to get into those jeans. Quite possibly I even lost weight when I was trying on jeans because it was such a workout. I wish.