Hat Mania

Remember when I joked about creating a hashtag about my love for hats? That may not be just a joke anymore. My hat love has come to an all-time high. It doesn’t help that people constantly stop me and comment how they wish more people would wear hats. You all are a bunch of enablers and my hat boxes that are getting full don’t appreciate you. Just kidding, we really do. You are how I rationalize having and wearing so many hats.  Hatmania 2013 may become a real thing. Mostly because I’ve never done anything in my life that really could fall in the “mania” category. This is all just so exciting. (Exciting compared to conjugating Italian verbs like I am doing tonight.) 

Hat and Sequin Fall Top

Hat and Sequin Fall Top

Hat and Sequin Fall Top
Hat: Forever 21
Shirt: Target
Vest: Target
Pants: Target

Shoes: BCBG

Oh and Andrew saw me wearing this and said that I looked like Taylor Swift in her Diet Coke commercial. Why? Oh, because my boyfriend, who thinks I am adorable in hats, apparently thinks that if you wear a hat you are a hipster. Even if you also wear a sequin blouse and heels. Sigh. Then again this is also the guy who thinks that absolutely every pair of jeans looks the exact same, you only need two pairs of shoes and doesn’t understand why women insist on having more than one purse. Whatever Andrew. I’m just going to keep wearing my hat.