Headed Into Hell Week

It’s close to the final weeks of December. For some that means Christmas is close but for me it means that I am gearing up for finals. It also means that on Saturday it was perfectly cold but sunny and the next day (after I took these photos) it was snowing. Go figure. Anyway, I am completely shocked at how fast this semester has flown by. I never, ever though that senior year would go this fast! I am super happy about some classes seeming to fly by. Others, not so much. Regardless of my feelings though they are about to end and I have to accept that. 
I also have to accept that these photos are the last of my the fall season. It’s winter. Saturday it was cold but I was at the park and able to get leaves. The next day they were covered in snow and there isn’t a bit of evidence that would suggest there was ever anything pretty outside, ever. 

Sweater: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Fossil
Bag: Target via thrifted
Earrings: Hello Cheeseburger

So, headed into hell week means that I am already abandoning all normal dress and am wearing yoga pants pretty much every day. Jeans are as dressy as I am getting. Showering is becoming not necessary but a luxury and a beautiful, beautiful study break. I’ve had to break into the caffeine and actually just need a straight IV injecting it into me. 

Next week I have some lovely bloggers who will be guest posting their favorite outfits for me. I wanted to have an entire outfit of my normal outfits planned but I have not had time to. I hope you enjoy the guest post and I will see you after hell week! But for this week I am just wanting to make it through and then the real tests begin. Poo.