Heat Relief

Over the weekend, while moving, something miraculous happened. The high was only 80 degrees. If you are like me and find 75 to be the perfect temperature, this weekend was perfection. The sudden “coolness” meant that in the early morning and late night I got to wear my new jean jacket. Oh and it was also a miracle that it wasn’t 115 degrees while I moved at the end of July, but fashion is more important. 

Jacket: C/O Plato’s Closet
Shirt: Target
Shorts: The Limited
Shoes: C/O Plato’s Closet

I don’t think anything reminds me more of my mid-90’s childhood than a jean jacket. The only thing that could make this jean jacket more perfect is if it was glittery and had Lisa Frank vomit all over it. (Seriously, Lisa Frank did nothing half-a**, she made it look like Lisa Frank vomited on a notebook cover) 

So yay or nay for the 90’s look?