Here’s to Never Growing Up

            Top: Unknown/Shorts: Old Navy/ Belt: Anthro/ Shoes: TJ Maxx/ Clutch: TJ Maxx 

This summer is probably my last “real” college summer. Although I am taking summer classes, this is my last “free” summer. Next year I will either be applying like crazy for jobs or, hopefully, starting one. With these thoughts in my head, I have felt the pressure to make it really be a good summer. I’ve stayed up late, had lots of girl time, decided to go swimming at 10 p.m., eaten lots of frozen yogurt, taking impromptu day trips and driving around blaring annoying pop music. One of those songs being the title of this post. 

Although I suppose I have to grow up next summer and face the real world, I’m still very much lifting my strawberry margarita saying here’s to never growing up. The real world can wait. I’m going to keep enjoying my Monday’s off, 15 hour job, impromptu pizza runs and listening to trashy pop music. I can grow up later. Today I’ll just enjoy being a college kid. 

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